Turkey’s and a Charmed Life

So after discovering my paintbrushes turned moldy and we had no brown paint, I wasnt so sure this post would be possible.  I am still trying to figure out how my paintbrushes started growing hair…but that is a whole nother story I guess.  I decided to overcome this challenge.  I sent my daughter to the bathroom to get qtips and I started mixing paint to make a brown.  I finally came up with the perfect concoction of red, yellow, and blue and got a pretty (yes a pretty!) brown and the qtips quickly became replacements for the moldy brushes.  Earlier in the day we found plain tee’s in the closet and decided they would be perfect for making our turkey shirts.  So after much disaster we finally created these beauties to wear on Thanksgiving.  Pretty simple to make and all you really need is a cute lil hand, paint, and a tee.


If you haven’t heard…I am hosting my first Multi Vendor Holiday Giveaway.

My new friend Julie is the owner of A Charmed Life.  She creates beautiful jewelry and accessories.  She is also one of the sponsors in the giveaway.  From necklaces to key chains, she can personalize each piece with personal pictures and  charms.  My daughter was quick to fall in love with this beautiful piece.




The bracelet is a fun bangle with lots of beautiful charms.  My daughter enjoyed the jingling of the charms and couldnt stop looking down at her wrist.  She said,  “it is the prettiest thing I  have ever worn!”  Other favorites available in her shop:




Gobble til you wobble! A pine cone turkey Craft for Thanksgiving.

Gobble Gobble! It is almost Thanksgiving! Such a beautiful time of year with all the leaves changing, cooler days, and TURKEY’s! The Holidays are so special to me. I enjoy the extra time I have with the kiddos and the crafts we make together. Today I would like to share with you our pine cone turkey’s! These is a great project for kids of all ages to make and are great to decorate the table with.
All you will need for this project is:


Let your child use his/her imagination and let them really take control of the making of their turkey. No two will ever look the same! You can also add name cards for the Thanksgiving Day table setting.