Teacher bans Valentine’s from classroom

My son’s first grade teacher has banned Valentine’s Day from her classroom.  With all of it’s frilliness and kindness.  This teacher decided that Valentine’s Day was offensive and sent a letter home stating that Valentine’s Day Celebrations were off.  Meanwhile, everyone else at the school is preparing for this special HOLIDAY that falls on February 14th.  Kindergarten is working diligently to create special cards for each “friend” in their class and 5th grade is selling Valentine Candy Grams that will be delivered to friends all around school on Friday the 12th.

What are your thoughts on this?  Personally I am offended and not sure why we must continue to be politically correct. It makes me sad that society continues to take away these traditions and bringing disappointment to our young generation.


We had already purchased Valentine’s prior to this notice being received.  In fact my son was so excited about the Star War’s Valentines he picked out for all of his friends.  He is such a social bug and is friends with everyone!  He knew, Monday (the 8th) he would get the class list and get to write up his Valentines.  Instead he came home with a note stating he was not to bring anything in that said the word Valentine’s on it.  He simply stated, “my teacher says, Valentines is not allowed and we can never celebrate it again.”

This is in Florida.




UPDATE*** The principal of this school did respond 24 hours after email was sent.

Her response:  “As a school, classes are celebrating this tradition and have sent out any communications stating otherwise.”

She did seem concerned as  to who provided this notice to me.  When I replied with the teacher’s name, she replied:

“I apologize for this miscommunication. Mrs. ___________  is new to our school this year and may have been confused regarding our celebration policies. I will meet with her today to clear this up. Classes are celebrating this day as her class is permitted to celebrate as well. Thank you for letting me know.”

I think the principal was unaware and the teacher would have successfully removed Valentine’s Day for these children had I not complained.  I think the teacher was pushing her beliefs onto her students and this is unconstitutional.

The principal was genuinely concerned and apologetic for the situation.

UPDATE*** 2/11/2016

The principal emailed me a class list and informed me that the teacher sat with the dean the day before calling all the parents informing them students were permitted to bring in Valentine’s cards and goodies.  I did not receive a call from the teacher and discovered it was because someone in the office had failed to update my contact information in December when requested.  I did speak with the teacher this morning and it went like this:


Teacher:  Good morning Mrs. ______  I apologize it seems I had the wrong number yesterday and I wanted to call and let you know I made a mistake and the children can bring in their Valentine’s cards.  I made a mistake and did not get my letter approved and I apologize.

Me:  Well, why did you think it was okay to cancel Valentine’s  to begin with?

Teacher:  I wasn’t cancelling Valentine’s, I just didn’t want to exclude anyone in my class.

Me:  The letter stated students could not bring in anything with the words Valentine’s Day on them.

Teacher:  Yes, that was my mistake I did not word it right and should have had my letter approved before sending it home on Monday.  Students may bring in their Valentine’s cards Friday.


Me:  Will you inform your students that they are having a Valentine’s Day party on Friday?  My son and _____ both came home yesterday telling myself and ______ that they could not make Valentine’s Day cards.

Teacher:  I will mention it to the class today.


Idea:  Make it fun for the whole entire class.  Get excited about it and let them make a lil Valentine bag or Valentine mailbox for their cards and goodies.  Valentine’s Day is such a great day to share encouragement, love, and kindness.