Boo To You! Collect your treats in style this Halloween! DIY Trick or Treat Bucket

Here is a super cute, easy, and fun Halloween craft.  All you need is a colored pail and sharpies.  You can find your pail at The Dollar Tree in the summer/beach section or the $ Spot at Target.  We went with Orange pails (like pumpkins) and black sharpies. 


I let the kids decorate their Halloween pails.  My son N made a pumpkin face and my daughter A drew a cute Halloween scene…


These are super easy and fun to make!




A few of my favorite App’s

So I just finished my third term at Kaplan University. I took a class on computer and technology in the field of Criminal Justice. It is amazing to me how far we have come since the early days of the big boxed computer that filled an entire room. Think about it, we carry computers around with us every day in one form or fashion. Look at your Ipad and smart phones….that is right those are computers! Ha! I know, I know you never looked at your Iphone that way. I guess Apple fooled us! So what does your Iphone do for you? Mine is home to my social networking, contact with the family, my bank book, my radio, my sleep aide, my relief…kids entertainment, my gps, my weatherman, my coupons, my pinboard, my window to my online campus just to name a few. I never realized just how much I rely on my everyday computer! I think if I lost it I would be lost, probably missing someone, deprived of my creative side, singing LET IT GO or EVERYTHING IS AWESOME over and over, or just about going out of mind.

So, I thought while we were on this topic I would share some of my favorite apps right now….


this neat lil app offers me additional discounts while shopping at Target. I love the scan option!


my favorite Photo Editing tool


gotta get my pin on. This app allows me to pass the time anywhere I am! Makes those long lines at the post office seem more bearable.


cute lil Mickey shorts


Relax Melodies Seasons…great app if you have a hard time falling asleep. I use this every night and within minutes I am sound asleep. There is a timer option.


MOODYRADIO…getting my praise and worship on for the GREAT ALMIGHTY!

If you have an app that is super awesome and you would like to share, please comment below!

Adorable Bunny Mason Jar craft

Here is an easy last minute Easter craft that can double as a super cute gift. It took me about 10 minutes to make these adorable Bunny Ear Mason Jars that I filled with treats for my mom and sister.



Bunny ears (I purchased mine from the dollar spot at Target)
Mason jar
E6000 (adhesive)

Step 1: Cut the bunny ears from the headband. I followed the seam of the material and was able to cut each ear out. Some have stitches that can be cut that will release the individual ear. I also removed the wire from each ear.

Step 2: Using the E6000 glue the ears to the lid of the mason jar. Allow to dry.

Step 3: You may want to glue the lid to the metal ring. I found this part to be tricky just because the ring screws on and it was hard to set it just right. The first one I did the ears didn’t line up right once it screwed on. So I skipped this step going forward.

Step 4: Fill the jar with your favorite Easter treats.


Blessed Easter my friends!

A quick dollar store craft

It is as easy as 1, 2, 3…very simple indeed.  This craft cost me $3!  I purchased three items at the Dollar Tree to make this very cute pumpkin centerpiece.  This is a great craft that you can keep out for Halloween and Thanksgiving!  It is a Super Fall Project!

Super simple ain’t it?!  Don’t you just love easy crafts like this one?! I know I do.  And the kiddos can  help with this one also.  Love decorating for Autumn!

Today was a beautiful day in Florida and yes I broke the all time rule of no white after Labor Day!  I honestly do not think that rule applies if you live here in the Sunshine state.  Up Yonder is another story…

Shirt:  Alloy ( 2012)

Skirt: Bella Ella Boutique

Shoes: Target (2011)