Blast off!

to Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex in Titusville, FL.  Where guests will have the opportunity to get up close and personnel with an Astronaut, experience a simulated shuttle launch, touch a moon rock,  and learn where America’s Space venture began and where it is headed.  Guests can also view rocket launches if scheduled.  We arrived to the KSC with added excitement as we were going to witness the Delta IV Rocket Launch.

DSCN3880Parking is $10 for cars and very close to the entrance.  There are guides that will lead you to the lot number you were assigned when you paid the fee.  We parked in lot 5 of 7 which is named for the original 7 astronauts that went to the moon.  John Glenn is the only one from the original 7 that is still alive and he will be 91 this year. Security is very important and you will be expected to go through metal detectors and a bag check before entering the visitors complex.

When we finally entered my family and I went straight back to the bus tours to view the launch pads and beautiful conservation land that the center calls home. The buses arrive every 15 minutes.  Prior to departure your group will be invited to take a photo to commemorate your visit.  You can purchase your photo’s after the tour.  Three images and a KSC portfolio is $35plus tax.

The Bus Tour


The Vehicle Assembly Building known as VABS


Launch Pad 39A


The Fryer Room in the Apollo Saturn Center


Countdown Checklist in Fryer Room










The bus tour is about an hour and a half, depending on how much time you choose to spend at the Apollo Saturn Center.  Buses arrive every ten minutes, so it is no trouble getting back to the visitors center for more fun.  If you are lucky enough to visit on a launch day you can view from the bleachers at the Apollo Saturn Center.  However, we decided to head back to the visitors complex, which is 8 miles from the launch pad for the Delta IV Rocket launch viewing and doesn’t look like we were the only ones!


The rocket launched at 2:36pm taking a new GPS satellite into space.


It was neat to hear the live radio broadcasts from ULA and the final clearance for the launch was given by main control.  The crowd was excited with so much anticipation.  And all together we counted down 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2, blastoff!



Not a bad view for being 8 miles away from the launch pad.  Back home (Kissimmee) I was told it was too cloudy to see the rocket in the sky. We were very lucky to attend and experience a live launch at the KSC.  There was so much excitement

Afterwards there was still so  much to discover at the visitors complex.  We enjoyed an IMAX movie, learned about the MARS expedition, experienced the launch of the shuttle Atlantis, and walked through the rocket garden.











There is so much to explore at the KSC Visitors Complex and many unique experiences just waiting for you!  Discover the wanders of space at the Kennedy Space Center.  Get your tickets here!

Thank you to Kennedy Space Center for the complimentary tickets.  My children and I had an amazing experience and we can not wait to go back! This honest review has been written of my own experience at KSC.

Solar System 3-D Model

My daughter A is studying the solar system in her science class.  Her assignment is to make a model of the planets highlighting their distance from the sun.  Here is a super easy and fun way to make a 3-D model.


What you need:

Styrofoam balls in different sizes

Styrofoam ring

Washable paint


skewers/tooth picks

Gatorade lid

black box




What you do:

Have your child paint the Styrofoam balls.  It takes a few days as the paint needs to dry completely before you can handle.  Some planets have more then one color and you will need to let each layer dry before painting the next color.

The Sun- we mixed yellow and orange to get a bright, firey color

Mercury- gray…mix black and white to get the perfect color

Venus- light yellow…mix white and yellow

Earth- Paint blue, let dry, paint green for the land

Mars- Paint red, let dry, paint a few brown spot on it

Jupiter- Paint tan…we mixed yellow, white, and brown to get the perfect color.  Let it dry and paint dark brown vertical stripes.  Let the stripes dry and paint a red splotch on backside.

Saturn- Orange with a brown ring.

Uranus- Turquoise and grey paint mixed together

Neptune- Indigo–mix blue and purple together

Paint the bottom art of the box black.  When the paint dries sprinkle silver glitter on it and hairspray the glitter.  The hairspray will ensure the glitter stays put.  You will need to glue the Sun to the box.  Do not use adhesive directly on the Sun.  I learned the hard way.  E-6000 is great but it eats the foam.  My daughter’s sun ended up with a huge hole on the bottom. It was a drastic emergency at 11pm the night before the project was due.  I had to stick a Gatorade cap into the ball to cover the hole.  Using E-6000 glue the cap to the box.  Let adhesive  dry 24 hours and attach the planets in order to the sun using the skewers.

I couldn’t help but think something is missing…Poor Pluto!