Counting down…

Only 11 days til Christmas!!!  (please excuse the pic…it is missing a few cotton balls)  We have had a lot of fun counting down the days to Christmas with this Santa Beard Calendar.  Each day the kids add another piece of Santa’s beard.  The day of Christmas we add Santa’s nose.  This has been a great way to add fun and excitement while the anticpation builds up for the kids.  It is also a great way to teach number recognition and counting.  My son is 4 and loves to count the cotton pieces of Santa’s beard before he puts the new piece up.  He is so sweet and enjoying the Christmas fun!  You can find yours at Target in the Dollar Spot.


Do you have a friend or family member that is an active member of the US military?  Still looking for that special Christmas gift?  Check out Once Upon a Jewel.  Once Upon a Jewel specializes in military charm bracelets.  They make sweet stocking stuffers for anyone that has a boyfriend or husband that is in the military.  Bracelets may be customized with your favorite colors and many different charms.  Create one that represents the couple with charms that symbloize their love, special trips they may have taken, or a yellow ribbon for their safe return.  I just love the sweetness to what you can use to create these bracelets.
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Enter to win one of these bracelets.  Two bracelets two winners.
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Take this 2 Heart

Have you entered the Multivendor Giveaway I am hosting?  Today is the last day!  Get your entries in to win prizes from many amazing and talented vendors.  Meet Loraine Kazenstein of Take this 2 Heart.  She makes these beautiful hair accessories. Her hair bows and bands are very elegant and add glam  to any outfit!  Her hairbands can be worn dressed up or down.  Perfect for children and adults alike.

I just love this headband that my daughter is wearing!  I wore it to my Christmas party at work.  It adds a special festive touch and is super cute.  All wrapped up with love and a bow 😉 I received many compliments of how adorable the bow band was and how perfect it is for the holiday.

Some of my faves  from  this shop include:

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How do you dress your refrigerator?

My fridge is looking oh so good lately!  Haha, yes my fridge!  It is my favorite decorated piece in my home. A fridge is not just for keeping your food cold.  It is where I showcase report cards, art work, special notes, and pictures.  It is where memories are hung and remembered.  My children feel a sense of pride when something they have drawn or an assignment that comes home with an Awesome A is hung on the door of the fridge.  I can honestly say I love decorating my fridge.  But I cant use just any boring old magnet to hold my special dressings up.  It has to be something pretty and special!  I absolutely adore these photo clothespin magnets by One More Sunshine.


Mary from One More Sunshine sent me a complimentary set with my sweet munchkins on em and I am more in love with my fridge now. (kiddos in image are not mine.)  Thanks to Mary I can now showcase work from each child by hanging them up on their very own personalized photo clothespin magnet.  Her personalized magnets make a perfect gift this Christmas.  10% of all orders  go to pseudoachondroplasia research, a rare genetic condition Mary’s daughter has. You may enter the Holiday Giveaway to win a complimentary set.  So….leave a comment and share how you dress up your fridge!

Lil Ms Sophia

Meet Lil Ms Sophia greetings and invites.  Shantel Turner-Collins is the owner and artist behind Lil Ms Sophia and combines bling and greetings and takes them to a whole new level.  Her cards are custom made with beautiful paper and embellishments.  When you give a card from Lil Ms Sophia you are giving the gift of beauty and love.

IMG_4251 IMG_4252

Deliver your greeting loud and with style. Make your recipient’s special day be wowed with a card that is more than simple.   Lil Ms Sophia is greeting cards, invites, treat bags, and more!

Enter to win  10 custom tags with small craft bags filled with goodies from Lil Ms Sophia in my First Annual Multivendor Giveaway.

Turkey’s and a Charmed Life

So after discovering my paintbrushes turned moldy and we had no brown paint, I wasnt so sure this post would be possible.  I am still trying to figure out how my paintbrushes started growing hair…but that is a whole nother story I guess.  I decided to overcome this challenge.  I sent my daughter to the bathroom to get qtips and I started mixing paint to make a brown.  I finally came up with the perfect concoction of red, yellow, and blue and got a pretty (yes a pretty!) brown and the qtips quickly became replacements for the moldy brushes.  Earlier in the day we found plain tee’s in the closet and decided they would be perfect for making our turkey shirts.  So after much disaster we finally created these beauties to wear on Thanksgiving.  Pretty simple to make and all you really need is a cute lil hand, paint, and a tee.


If you haven’t heard…I am hosting my first Multi Vendor Holiday Giveaway.

My new friend Julie is the owner of A Charmed Life.  She creates beautiful jewelry and accessories.  She is also one of the sponsors in the giveaway.  From necklaces to key chains, she can personalize each piece with personal pictures and  charms.  My daughter was quick to fall in love with this beautiful piece.




The bracelet is a fun bangle with lots of beautiful charms.  My daughter enjoyed the jingling of the charms and couldnt stop looking down at her wrist.  She said,  “it is the prettiest thing I  have ever worn!”  Other favorites available in her shop: