Stay healthy and fit!

It has been some time since I have made a post.  I have been out on a new health adventure and have some awesome new products to share with ya’ll.  As a single mommy that works full time with very active kids (sports, drama, choir…etc…) it can be very hard to get in much needed exercise and to eat healthy all the time…  I admit it, there are days where I do a very unhealthy splurge and order fast food or eat a doughnut at the office meeting.  I do assure you that this is not the diet my kiddos intake.  Never!  My daughter hates sweets and my son is a fruit fanatic…especially apples.  Ya know what they say, an apple a day keeps the Dr away!  I have grown to love the following products and you will too!

downloadBeanfield Tortilla Chips!   Who says tortilla chips have to be boring?  Beanfield Tortilla Chips are far from that and packed with zangy flavor and pair up perfectly with your favorite salsa.  But dont stop there!  Beanfields is perfect for taco salads and amazing smothered in cheese.  Not only do they hold immense flavor, but they are a healthy food choice too! Super rewarding combo if you ask me!  My fave is Pico De Gallo.  Check out the fat stats for the Pico De Gallo tortilla chip below.   Also available in SeaSalt, Nacho, Barbecue, Unsalted, Ranch, and Salt N’ Pepper.  Try your luck and enter to win a case of Beanfield Tortilla Chips by visiting the following link to Beanfields Snacks.


dailyDaily Greens!  Packed with six pounds of fresh, raw produce you can’t go wrong!  If you’re anything like me eating leafy veggies is not a part of your regular diet.  Healthy foods can be quite expensive and never found on the dollar menu.  Daily Greens is a great alternative and provides you with nine servings of vegetables and fruits in each bottle which will give you that extra push to get you through the day.  Chock full of vitamins and super antioxidants that will hydrate, energize and invigorate you…and they taste great! ~ Pow, get to feeling like Popeye and like it!   Order online here!

flipFlip Belt!   The Flip Belt is an ingenious idea, allowing the wearer to carry personal items on them HANDS FREE and without the added bulk!  Carry your id, credit card, cell phone, and keys safely tucked away on your person.  The Flip Belt is perfect for runners, hikers, and theme parkers as an alternative to a back pack or satchel.  Whatever your thrill seeking desire!  So easy to put on and can be thrown into the washer machine for an easy wash.  Check out the special features Flip Belt has to offer:

  • 92% Micropoly 8% Lycra for fast wicking, quick drying, and extra softness against your skin
  • No buckles or fasteners that cause chafing and have the potential of breaking.
  • Slips on like a pair of pants.
  • Easily worn under or over clothing.
  • Multiple access openings throughout the belt.
  • 3M Quality reflective logo.
  • Turning the entire belt locks items in place.
  • The even design eliminates bouncing and chafing.
  • Machine washable.
  • Dry on low tumble or hang up to dry.

This has become my go to accessory when I head out to the parks with my kiddos.  It doesn’t ride up and keeps my personals safe on me.  No more worrying about my back pack when I leave it on the side of a ride at the theme park!  Be bag free with Flip Belt!  Get yours online HERE!

Tell  me what you think about these products below and if you would like me to review a particular product, let me know!

Catch the Salsa Beat…Learn it, Love it, Live it!

Have you been itching to learn to Salsa?  With Dance Crazy you can learn not just one sexy dance, but four!  The at home DVD learning set includes four discs that will teach even the earliest beginner how to Salsa, Swing, Meringue, and Bachata.  Follow the easy to learn steps alone or with a dancing partner at your own speed.  Not only is dancing fun, but a great way to tone your body and aides in weight loss.  Dance yourself to a healthier heart with Dance Crazy Dance Lessons Starter Kit!  Purchase now on Amazon.


If four dances are too much for ya, perhaps Beginning Salsa Dance, Volume 1 is more your pace.  This dvd focuses mainly on instruction to master Salsa for the beginner.  No dancing skills needed.  Progress with every dance session.  Purchase now on Amazon.


I have been having so much learning with my children.  That is right!  Even the youngest can learn and follow the steps.  Super easy and convenient.   After a week of dancing I have noticed by muscles are getting tighter and my tummy is flatter.

Thank you Dance Crazy for the opportunity to review your instructional DVD’s in exchange for my honest opinion.