Catch me if you can!!!


Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, my friends!  Lucky me, I’m Irish and I am super proud of my heritage and our family traditions!


Speaking of traditions….a few years ago we were visited by a very mischievous leprechaun, who called himself Leppy.  Every St. Patrick’s Day since, my children have tried to catch Leppy by making a very intriguing trap filled with gold coins and every year he gets away!!!  But not before he takes the time to stir up some trouble around the house and a message with some SKITTLES!  Better luck next year!


As you can see he made a mess with the toothpaste and left the kids a shamrock clue on the wall!  In an effort to trap him and demand he take us to his pot of gold…we failed…or did we?  The kids scored another clue!!!  Skittles!


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Leppy Strikes Again…!

If you have been following me for awhile, you will remember Leppy the Leprechaun visits our family every St. Patty’s Day.  My daughter has tried to catch him every year since she was 2.  She sets her trap the  night before with a sweet lil note

and hopes she can trap him, so he can take her to his pot of GOLD. Leppy is very mischievous and likes to play tricks, but he always leaves a sweet treat and a riddle.  This year, he left lots of goodies inside the trap…as to say nice try!


Can’t wait to try again next year! And just remember..


How does your family celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day?  Share below!

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The luck of the Irish

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!  I am blessed to be Irish!  I am also Italian, French, Scottish, German, and yes, yes, yes a Proud American!

I hope the luck of the Irish was with you today! Daughter A and Son N stayed up late trying to trap Leppy the mischievous leprechaun that visits every year.  They are determined to catch him and make him share his gold with us. Last year he left fools gold for the kids.  This year Leppy left them skittles in hopes that they may taste the rainbow 😉 We decked out in our greens and enjoyed a Shamrock shake after school.  Yummm!



Tee- Target

Scarf, clover glasses, and leppy hat- The Dollar Tree

Earrings- Rica Jewels

Smile- God

The earrings I wore today are absolutely stunning!   These beauties can be worn casual, like I wore today with a pair of jeans or dressed up with a sexy black dress and heels for a night out on the town.  I did have some trouble latching the back, but I think it was more operator error.  The earrings are made of emerald and cubic zirconia and are very lightweight.  Each piece is designed and bonded by Daniela Baia.  Daniela is a native of Brazil, where her love of fashion blossomed as a young girl.  She grew up in a fashion factory where she learned about the arts.  She holds a bachelors in fashion design and a masters in business, put the two together she is Rica Jewels. 

Daniela correlates beautiful beads, gemstones, and pearls in her pieces.  My top choices from the Rica Jewels Etsy shop:



You can enter to win an Emerald Pendant by Daniela Baia of Rica Jewels!


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