Getting too hot in the kitchen???

I love to bake!  But I hate having to pull the hot baking trays from the oven.  The heat seems to go right through my potholders and I always end up burning myself.  And you know what is good for soothing that burn?  Lavender Essential Oil!  But that is a whole nother post!  The heat will no longer bother me!  I got smart and I now protect my hands with CookerMaid Heat Resistant Silicon Oven Mitts.  These babies can resist temperatures up to 450 Degrees Fahrenheit.  Which is awesome when you have a gas stove…seems like everything is hotter with gas.  CookerMaid Silicon Heat Resistant Oven Mitts are also very easy to clean.  Just put them on the top rack of your dishwasher!  That’s right they are dishwasher safe!  Just another reason to love em!  Oh and if you are like me always struggling to open up a sealed jar, these mitts are designed with non slip, easy to grip power.  Get them on AMAZON!




Please do not judge me for making pizza rolls…this was a way relaxed family night and we had been out at Sea World all day.  I was too tired to cook a “real” meal and the kids really wanted the finger foods.   And it is just easier to utilize the toaster oven for a super quick meal.  It was set to 400 Degrees Fahrenheit and the heat never bothered me thanks to CookerMaid!!!

Snug as a Bug and Cozy as a Bear…

Your sweet bumpkin will feel super comfy and safe in the Baby More Co baby wrap.  The material is incredibly soft, strong, and safe for your baby’s skin and the environment.  The Baby More Co baby wrap comes in three popular colors: black, oxford blue, and pink.  This is a must have item for new mom’s!  I wish I had one when my munchkins were younger.  You can keep baby close to your heart while you are doing household chores, taking a walk, or while dealing with big brother or big sister’s tantrums.  The best part is you can get things done and not neglect what matters most…your precious newborn. The baby wrap also provides more opportunity to bond with your precious one, as you are able to hold, touch, and feel your lil one. It is so easy to put on and comes with a cute cartoon illustration if you run into a snag when dressing your self in the wrap.   Baby More Co offers a double back guarantee if you find yourself not satisfied.  Double Back Guarantee!!!

Try it our for yourself and get it here…Amazon


Daughters in Danger a book review

This book is a great tool and can be used to expose the dangers in society to our precious daughters.  As a single mother and a criminal justice student working towards my bachelor’s, I was not aware of just how common  violence, rape, and murder were  in today’s college life and youth in general.  It is a rising issue in our society that needs to be addressed.  With proper education and prevention we can bear our daughters with the armor to go out into the world and have successful and non violent relationships.  This is something that hits home more than most families.  When I was younger I found myself in a very violent relationship.  All the signs were there but I did not see them and before I knew it, it was much to late and I found myself the victim.  It wasn’t until my unborn daughter fell victim that my eyes were opened and I was able to pull myself out of the relationship to protect my baby.  Shortly after I ended up in another relationship very similar to my previous one and with help of a domestic violence group at my church I am a survivor and no longer a victim.  Daughters in Danger brings light to this ever so common issue and unmasks cases that with proper identification of the violent behavior could have been avoided and may not have ended so tragically for so many beautiful, smart, and courageous women.  Bennett also shares in great depth the programs that are offered to young women that offer education and help for victims.

As a parent it is our duty to teach our daughter’s about the dangers of the world and how to protect themselves.  We are not to imprison our girls, but to love them and nurture them and guide them, so that they are not caught off guard and fall victim.  It is our hope and desire as parents to see our children grow up, fall in love, and live happily ever after.  This book enlightens us as parents to a world that we have been oblivious to and gives us the knowledge we need to help our precious daughters make it to happily ever after.
Daughter’s in Danger is a page turner and a must read for every parent and student!  Whether you are male or female read this book!  Also a great read for anyone interested in crime prevention.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for an honest review.