The forbidden fruit…

Sex and the Single Christian Girl by Bethany House Publishing author Marian Jordan Ellis is a must read for my fellow single sisters in Christ.  There are a number of lies that women end up believing when it comes to the forbidden fruit.  Sex is a special gift that is shared between a man and a woman when they are married.  I sense that you are now nodding in agreement and yet you feel some grief and sadness because perhaps you didn’t remain pure.  Perhaps you also think that it doesn’t matter now because your gift has been used and it is impossible for you to be pure once again, so who cares if you have sex outside of marriage now?!  This is one of the lies that Satan leads us to believe.   Before reading Ellis’ book I felt the same way.  I was full of shame with myself and thought that I was used up and not worth waiting for.  What does it matter???  IT DOES!!!!  God’s love is so great for us and he can make your life pure once again.  All we have to do is ask for forgiveness and follow God’s laws that he has set for us.  Sex and the Single Christian Girl reveals Satan’s lies and the depth of God’s love for us.  God’s laws are set to protect us not to keep us from enjoying ourselves.  Sex is a beautiful gift to share with your husband.  When we do not save this gift for marriage we find ourselves hurt and empty.  When we wait as God instructs us to we are united to our better half and bonded for life.  This same bond that is created outside of marriage causes a whirlwind of emotion and hurt when the relationship ends.   As I read this book, I was able to see every relationship that I have had thus far.  Up until now I thought to get a man to like me I had to behave or dress in a certain way. I gave into temptation and yes I will add even though I am a Christian the men I was dating were not.  Reading this book was truly an eye opener.  I am so thankful for God’s love and that he has purified my heart and my body once more.  I have made a promise to wait, to save myself for my future husband.  I may be a mother of two beautiful blessings, but what I do now as a single Christian girl does matter.   I will never forget one Sunday morning as I walked out of church.  Walking in front of me was a senior couple, they were holding hands.  I thought to myself, “that is so nice, I want that!”  I heard God whisper to me, “Not now my child, you have much growing to do.  In time you will have all that your heart desires.”  I know that God is right and I trust in his love and his law.  If you are a single Christian girl and you find it hard to make it in this “rom-com world” I highly recommend you read this book!  I now walk in confidence, knowing that I am worth waiting for and I stand firm in my values and beliefs.

I received my copy of Sex and the Single Christian Girl  as a complimentary gift from Bethany House.



Discovering your child’s love language

I just completed the book titled, ” The 5 Love Languages of Children, ” by Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell.  This book has changed my relationship with my children.  I now have a better understanding of the needs of my children and how to really show them I love them in a language they understand.  After only reading three chapters I was able to identify the love language for both of my children.  My daughter speaks the language of words of affirmation and my son was easily pinpointed as touch.

I could never understand why my daughter had such a hard time when someone corrected her or told her what to do until I read this book.  Now I know that she is sensitive and is longing for words that lift her up and speak love to her.  In my words she felt that I was always criticizing her and that she was unloved.  Now I am able to say the same things in a different way and not hurt her sweet lil heart.

My son was easy!  He is always touching me and petting my hair.  My son is always hugging on me and sitting in my lap.  His love language is touch.  Sometimes I feel like I can not fill his love tank quick enough because he is constantly asking for a hug.  After reading Gary Chapman’s book I now know how to fill his love tank. my daughter’s and my own!

I especially appreciated the chapter on single parenting.  As a single parent I find it hard sometimes after working a full time job, helping with homework, doing the house chores, and squeezing in some lounge time on the couch with the kids to actually show the love that is very much needed in our home.  I have learned that it is better to take the time to be with my children and to act  out all five love languages not just one and to focus on the language that best suits my kiddos.  All this time I was showering my children with gifts and acts of service not knowing that it was my language that I was speaking not theirs.


Since reading ” The 5 Love Languages of Children,” I have noticed a real change in our home.  My children are happier and getting along  better.  We still have our  moments of chaos but they are less then before.  We still have a long way to go but we are making progress as a family.

I recommend this book to every parent!  Discover your child’s love language and  redesign your family’s relationship.