Shhhh….A secret is revealed!

Future husband please do not read this post!!! Ok now that the room is clear… I want to share a lil secret about myself….I cant cook. . Yup, I admit it, I don’t make extravagant meals and I prefer the nights when my children want chicken nuggets, fish sticks, or just a bowl of cereal. With my crazy, busy life all I want is a quick and simple meal. If I ever do cook, it is probably a holiday or Im trying to impress someone. Tonight , I thought I would get a lil creative. Sadly, it was raining and I couldn’t go to the store after work, and of course I don’t have much in the house. With the challenges I was facing I was still able to come up with something super yummy tummy for my sweet lil baby bellies and mine too! What I am about to share with you is super simple and no hidden secret. Now that the suspense is up, I’ll share…we made Meatball Subs!!!! And of course they were a hit! All this mom did was: Take the meatballs out of the freezer (I told you simple!) Simmer them on the stove in sauce Slice the sub roll open Put 4 or five meatballs on the sub roll Sprinkle cheese And eat! Say yumm! Ok, so I may never win chef of the year, but atleast my kiddos ate with a smile and all it took was 15 minutes of my busy, homework packed night. What I wore at the office today…. I just love this necklace from Apple of my Eye Jewelry. I have never been one to accessorize very well. But with these sweet necklaces by Apple of my Eye I have been able to add that extra touch to my office wear. At the office I wear a lot of black, so this will go with just about anything. Yellow is such a beautiful, vibrant, and friendly color, and hearts just scream LOVE and happiness.
Shirt: Kohls Jeans: Delias Necklace: Apple of My Eye Jewelery