Catch me if you can!!!


Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, my friends!  Lucky me, I’m Irish and I am super proud of my heritage and our family traditions!


Speaking of traditions….a few years ago we were visited by a very mischievous leprechaun, who called himself Leppy.  Every St. Patrick’s Day since, my children have tried to catch Leppy by making a very intriguing trap filled with gold coins and every year he gets away!!!  But not before he takes the time to stir up some trouble around the house and a message with some SKITTLES!  Better luck next year!


As you can see he made a mess with the toothpaste and left the kids a shamrock clue on the wall!  In an effort to trap him and demand he take us to his pot of gold…we failed…or did we?  The kids scored another clue!!!  Skittles!


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