Doll up with Mialisia and a fun Reindeer Tshirt Craft

Mialisia Jewelry makes accessorizing fun and easy!   Not just another home party company.  Mialisia offers beautiful jewelry that you can add to any outfit and look stunning!  The pieces that are offered are stylish, light weight, and simple.  I find all three qualities a must when accessorizing.  I have never been real good at matching up pieces to go together, so I usually choose either or…meaning I usually wear just earrings, or just a necklace but never together.  Mialisia made it so very simple to match up pieces.  I have never had more fun dressing up my every day outfits until Mialisia! 

I received an invitation to my son’s Christmas play at daycare.  The invitation explained that he was to wear a white shirt, jeans, and a Santa hat.  For some reason I was not very successful in finding a nice white polo or button down shirt in toddler sizes.  I was stuck purchasing the white Hanes shirts that come in a package of like 6.  To me these shirts are plain ol’ boring undershirts.  I decided to make his white shirt a lil more festive.  So…out came the shirt paint, googly eyes, pom, poms, and fabric glue.  After painting his sweet lil hands and one of his perfect lil feet, we ended up with this original Rudolph the Reindeer shirt.  It is safe to say he has the cutest white shirt for his play!


It really is easy peasy to make.  A few tips…keep wipies near by to clean off the hands and foot after pressing on shirt.  Fabric glue is best when gluing down the pom pom and googly eyes.  Keep paint off momma’s hands so not to stain the shirt when pressing and removing your sweet lil one’s hands and foot from shirt.

The first day of Christmas…

It is here!!!  It is finally here!!!  The first day of December, the first day of Christmas.  Such a beautiful time of year!  Everything is well decorated with lights and pretty decorations.  We are all in the gift buying and giving mood.   And yet I start to wonder if we have forgotten what makes this season so bright and special.  Such a beautiful season and yet we are forced on the job front to be “sensitive” to others and speak of Happy Holidays.  I like Happy Hollydays myself…lol(my name is Holly.)  But seriously…what is it that brought us to celebrate this beautiful season?  There is so much more to it than just the Santa, presents, and parties.  This is Christmas!  Did you see that?!  CHRIST*mas!  That is right the true meaning of this beautiful season is the beautiful gift that God gave us.  The promise that was born to Mary in a lil stable in Bethlehem, beneath a beautiful bright star.  Jesus Christ was born to bring us that special promise of love.  We are so loved by God that he sent his son to be born with the purpose of dying on the cross to save us from our sins and to give us life.  John 3:16 New International Version (NIV)16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”  We are loved by God our creator!  And we are reminded of that love during this season of MERRY CHRISTMAS not Happy Holidays.

Today My children and I enjoyed decorating our tree with our family ornaments.  Each ornament has a story, a memory, a connection.  One of our family traditions is to give each other an ornament that represents a memory of that year.  So as we were hanging our ornaments on our tree, we talked about our memories and we laughed together.  The children had such a wonderful time decorating the tree.  One of the last things we do is hang the star on the top of our tree and we talk about what the star represents.  The beautiful bright star that was placed high in the dark night sky that led the Wiseman, the Shepherds, and the Kings to Jesus.

After decorating our tree we made more of these cute Pine Cone Christmas trees…

This is a great activity to do with children of all ages.  All you need is: some pinecones and pom poms.  You could glue the pom poms to the pine cone.  We just stuffed them in between the pine needles.  And you can find the pom poms at the Dollar Tree.