Disney Must Haves on Etsy and Giveaway!


Planning a visit to Disney World is BIGGER than big! I remember when I was a concierge at an elite resort located near Disney World, my guests would begin saving and planning years in advance.   From dining to sleeping accommodations; right down to the perfect day to day outfits and matching accessories!  Of course, if you are anything like me finding the most unique Disney items is a must! There is something magical about walking around Main Street USA wearing the perfect EARS, a customized tutu, and some pixie dust!  Even more magical when those items are unique and oh so adorable!  Be one of a kind and make it a Zip A Dee Doo Dah Day with these Etsy artists!

DangGoodDisney  Do you like Mickey Ears?!  Well, Dang Good Disney has ears that will make you cheer.  The iconic headwear is customized to reflect your family’s inner Disney personality and absolute favorite characters.  Do away with the same old, same old!  Check out these magical ears by Etsy artist, Ashley with Dang Good Disney and stand out from the crowd!

Ashley designs all of her ears and most of her designs are conjured up when she is sleeping.  It as if Tinkerbell herself sprinkles a bit of pixie dust  while she dreams…the magic of inspiration is what binds these beautiful creations together.

The Cinderella Glass Slipper Ears are my favorite! And they will be yours too!  Dang Good Disney will be offering these ears to one lucky winner in my Instagram Loop Giveaway.



Princess Danika Designs is the home to the sweetest tutu’s around!  Gabrielle’s designs are a princesses dream!   With every defined detail Gabrielle intertwines the Disney Magic into every tutu.  The designs are delicate and airy and each tutu is designed with a beautiful crochet stretch waistband.  Your lil girl will transform into a lovely princess the moment she puts on one of Gabrielle’s creations.  These tutu’s are perfect for parties, park hopping, and Disney races!  I love that there is something for everyone!  Here are some of my top picks from Princess Danika Designs:

My absolute favorite  is the Cruella Deville tutu.  Gabrielle is offering a tutu, winner’s choice in my Instagram Loop Giveaway!  Thank you, Princess Danika Designs!

Chic and Geeks Don’t forget your favorite furry pal!  Etsy artist, Wendy Cox of Chic and Geeks specializes in handmade dog bows and accessories that will make your dog drool!  Straight from the heart of Florida and one of Pluto’s favorite boutiques!  Your pup will be the bark of the town.  My adorable bunny, Prince Phillip Ewok loves stylin in Vintage Disney.  The bows easily attach to any collar with the attached velcro.  I think they are perfect for cats, dogs, and bunnies!  Here are my faves found in this eclectic accessory shop:


I think Prince Phillip Ewok looks absolutely adorable in this vintage Mickey style bow tie, don’t you?!  Chic and Geeks is offering a bowtie, winners choice in my Instagram Loop Giveaway!


Fly on over to my Instagram and enter to win one of four great prizes!  Giveaway begins tonight at 8PM EST!


To enter you must like the giveaway image posted on all four sponsor pages.  Follow the image to the next sponsor and loop all the way around.  Also, comment on the image on each sponsor IG.  You must be a follower of all four IG pages.  These three steps are required in order for you entry to count.  An additional 5 entries may be earned by sharing the giveaway image using the #cutecountrychick and #disneymusthaves.  The winners will be announced on Instagram April 25, 2016 at 8PM EST.  Your IG page must be public in order for your shared posts to count towards the extra entries between 7PM EST and 8PM EST April 25, 2016.

Thank you to Dang Good Disney, Princess Danika Designs, and Chic and Geeks for sponsoring my Disney Must Haves Feature and Giveaway!


Solar System 3-D Model

My daughter A is studying the solar system in her science class.  Her assignment is to make a model of the planets highlighting their distance from the sun.  Here is a super easy and fun way to make a 3-D model.


What you need:

Styrofoam balls in different sizes

Styrofoam ring

Washable paint


skewers/tooth picks

Gatorade lid

black box




What you do:

Have your child paint the Styrofoam balls.  It takes a few days as the paint needs to dry completely before you can handle.  Some planets have more then one color and you will need to let each layer dry before painting the next color.

The Sun- we mixed yellow and orange to get a bright, firey color

Mercury- gray…mix black and white to get the perfect color

Venus- light yellow…mix white and yellow

Earth- Paint blue, let dry, paint green for the land

Mars- Paint red, let dry, paint a few brown spot on it

Jupiter- Paint tan…we mixed yellow, white, and brown to get the perfect color.  Let it dry and paint dark brown vertical stripes.  Let the stripes dry and paint a red splotch on backside.

Saturn- Orange with a brown ring.

Uranus- Turquoise and grey paint mixed together

Neptune- Indigo–mix blue and purple together

Paint the bottom art of the box black.  When the paint dries sprinkle silver glitter on it and hairspray the glitter.  The hairspray will ensure the glitter stays put.  You will need to glue the Sun to the box.  Do not use adhesive directly on the Sun.  I learned the hard way.  E-6000 is great but it eats the foam.  My daughter’s sun ended up with a huge hole on the bottom. It was a drastic emergency at 11pm the night before the project was due.  I had to stick a Gatorade cap into the ball to cover the hole.  Using E-6000 glue the cap to the box.  Let adhesive  dry 24 hours and attach the planets in order to the sun using the skewers.

I couldn’t help but think something is missing…Poor Pluto!