How do you dress your refrigerator?

My fridge is looking oh so good lately!  Haha, yes my fridge!  It is my favorite decorated piece in my home. A fridge is not just for keeping your food cold.  It is where I showcase report cards, art work, special notes, and pictures.  It is where memories are hung and remembered.  My children feel a sense of pride when something they have drawn or an assignment that comes home with an Awesome A is hung on the door of the fridge.  I can honestly say I love decorating my fridge.  But I cant use just any boring old magnet to hold my special dressings up.  It has to be something pretty and special!  I absolutely adore these photo clothespin magnets by One More Sunshine.


Mary from One More Sunshine sent me a complimentary set with my sweet munchkins on em and I am more in love with my fridge now. (kiddos in image are not mine.)  Thanks to Mary I can now showcase work from each child by hanging them up on their very own personalized photo clothespin magnet.  Her personalized magnets make a perfect gift this Christmas.  10% of all orders  go to pseudoachondroplasia research, a rare genetic condition Mary’s daughter has. You may enter the Holiday Giveaway to win a complimentary set.  So….leave a comment and share how you dress up your fridge!