Celebrate National Polka Dot Day!

National Polka Dot Day is January 22nd and my favorite fashionista,  Minnie Mouse is hosting the ultimate party at Disney Springs. Come out for the fun and rock the Dots! See below for a list of magical offerings.


Lightsaber DIY


Star Wars Lightsaber from a pool noodle!!!   This is a fun DIY that is perfect for the lil Jedi in your life!

All you need for this DIY project:

pool noodle

electrical tape

duck tape

You can find all materials at the Dollar Tree.  To make a double sided lightsaber just place two stripes of the gray duck tape in the center of the noodle.  Make stripes and buttons using the black electrical tape.  Smaller lightsabers can be made by cutting the noodle in half and placing the duck tape and electrical tape on one end of noodle.

Now get ready for hours of fun as you and your child engage in the ultimate galactic battle!  Perfect fun for a Star Wars party theme for all ages!


Iceless Wine Chiller

chillerThe Iceless Wine Chiller is a great gift for the wine enthusiast!  Just place the stem in the freezer overnight, connect to the pourer,  and place on the lip of the bottle.  This easy to pour wine chiller will keep your wine chilled for hours.  Never worry about your wine spoiling again!  Every party will be a great party with the iceless wine chiller.

I love it!  The stem can also be used to keep soda, juice, and other alcoholic beverages chilled.  The pourer only attaches to a wine bottle.

From the manufacturer:

3 in 1 WINE CHILLER, AERATOR, POURER WITH SELF CLOSING LID. Keep your wine chilled and those nasty bugs out of it!

ALL TYPES OF WINES-the single bottle wine chiller is suitable for all types of wine
ICELESS WINE CHILLER-no more trying to find ice and have it drip onto you. This single stick wine chiller will keep you wine at optimal temperature
MONEY BACK GUARANTEE- made from Stainless Steel and BPA Free plastic we stand by our product.
EASY TO USE- keep the stainless steel wine chiller in the freezer for 2 hours then take it out. Pour out half a glass of wine to make room for the wine chiller. Attach to the pourer.

I received a free product in exchange for my honest review.

Christie’s Cake Pops a yummy tummy experience!

There is a new food craze that is sweeping the state of Florida!   From Christie’s kitchen comes these adorable, handmade cake pops. She can make just about any character or design to match any party theme.  Christie is a dear friend of mine from high school so when she asked me to try out her cake pops I couldn’t resist.  I mean it is yummy, yummy super scrumptious cake.  So, I called my panel of taste testers ranging in ages of 4 to 67 to help me with this super hard job of tasting some super cute and super sweet cake pops.  Christie can do chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet cake.  We tried all  three and the chocolate was a hit among all ages and the youngins really liked the red velvet.  Cake pops adds a 3d approach to your party and adds a special touch that everyone will remember.
My top picks will rock your party!
Dont forget you can order cake pops for the holidays, school events, and more!
To see more of her designs visit Christie’s Cake Pops online store and place an order today for your next party!