The FuzziBunz® story began in 1999 when a young mother’s pediatrician insisted that chemical-laden disposable diapers caused her son’s constant diaper rash.
Disappointed with her search for a reusable diaper system that would fit into her busy life as a new mom. Old-fashioned cloth diapers were hard to use and a mess to launder since the product had not been changed in decades.

Her desperate journey to ease her son’s diaper rash led her to invent the original FuzziBunz® cloth diapers in 1999.  Little did she realize at the time that her cloth reusable baby diapers would be an invention that was the catalyst that would put the entire modern cloth diapering industry in motion.  ​

Now that we are smack dab in the middle of Spring, it’s time for something new, something fresh and something exciting!  FuzziBunz is offering twelve new colors and two new prints!  Enter our giveaway and receive TWO NEW Diapers from the FuzziBunz Spring Fling Collection.  Can’t stand the suspense of knowing if you’ve won?  No worries! Purchase through May to receive the special advertised 40% off discount!   Don’t let these limited edition diapers pass you by.


Mom Jewelry…Flaunt it!

I just love jewelry that scream, “Hey, I’m a mom!”  There is no greater joy in life then being a mother.  I am proud to be mom to my sweet son N and mommy to my sweet daughter A.  Yes, my children are a blessing and both of them so unique that one calls me “mom” and the other calls me “mommy.”  I do prefer “mommy,”  something about “mom” that makes me sound so old.  And the funny thing is it is my five year old that calls me mom!  I guess it doesnt really matter, I am their mother and I thank the Lord every day for these amazing blessings.  And it is because I am so thankful that I will flaunt my motherhood every chance I get wearing my MOM jewelry.


This is one of my favorite Mom pieces to wear.  It goes with everything!  Dress it up or dress it down.  This dainty Mom necklace is from Skadi Jewelry in Finland.  The chain is silver plated and nickel free, so no allergies to worry about.  The jewelry artist has added three genuine Swarovski crystal’s which add to the beauty of this piece.  The heart shaped Mom charm is the perfect way to show your mom how much you love her this Mother’s Day.  And if you are buying for yourself, it is a perfect reminder of the loves that hold your heart forever.

Skadi Jewelry also features rings, earrings, and accessories for men.  Here are some of my top picks from their Etsy Shop:




I Can Learn the Bible and so can you!


Check out this new devotional just for kids!  I Can Learn the Bible by Holly Hawkins  is a 52 week devotional for kids ages 4-8 that helps children grow in their personal relationship with Christ through scripture reading, memory verses, and prayer.  Each week your child will learn a new Bible verse and where to find it in the Bible.  Your child will also learn how to incorporate scripture into their daily lives.  I really enjoy reading this devotional with my children each week and learning together just how God works through us.

Each new day and each new verse will reinforce to young readers that “God’s Word is FOR ME and TO ME, it is IN ME and working THROUGH ME, and just like His love, it goes on and on forever!

The BookLook Bloggers book review program provided this complimentary copy for review purposes. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own.

help & hope for the singe parent- a book review

It is so easy to feel grief as a single parent.  Life can be overwhelming and demanding.   It is easy for a single parent to wonder why they must go at it alone or get upset and think this is punishment for making a mistake.  There is hope and help for the single parent and Tony Evans shows us the answers from scripture in his new book titled, “help & hope for the single parent.”  God can pick up where we fall, give us strength when we are weak, provide us with an extra boost of energy when we are dragging and super exhausted. God is a father to the fatherless and will be a mother to the motherless.  Evans reminds us of God’s love and that we are never alone.  Being a single parent is a gift not a punishment.  It was refreshing to be reminded of God’s promises for me as a single mother.  I am so grateful for all that I have been blessed with and knowing God is my parenting partner is a great relief. “If you miss grown-up conversations or cuddling with someone other than your toddler this book is for you!” Moody Publishers

Embrace the role God has given you and read about his promises he has for you as a single parent in this new book by Dr. Evans.


I received a complimentary copy of this book by Moody Publishers in return for my honest review.

Daughters in Danger a book review

This book is a great tool and can be used to expose the dangers in society to our precious daughters.  As a single mother and a criminal justice student working towards my bachelor’s, I was not aware of just how common  violence, rape, and murder were  in today’s college life and youth in general.  It is a rising issue in our society that needs to be addressed.  With proper education and prevention we can bear our daughters with the armor to go out into the world and have successful and non violent relationships.  This is something that hits home more than most families.  When I was younger I found myself in a very violent relationship.  All the signs were there but I did not see them and before I knew it, it was much to late and I found myself the victim.  It wasn’t until my unborn daughter fell victim that my eyes were opened and I was able to pull myself out of the relationship to protect my baby.  Shortly after I ended up in another relationship very similar to my previous one and with help of a domestic violence group at my church I am a survivor and no longer a victim.  Daughters in Danger brings light to this ever so common issue and unmasks cases that with proper identification of the violent behavior could have been avoided and may not have ended so tragically for so many beautiful, smart, and courageous women.  Bennett also shares in great depth the programs that are offered to young women that offer education and help for victims.

As a parent it is our duty to teach our daughter’s about the dangers of the world and how to protect themselves.  We are not to imprison our girls, but to love them and nurture them and guide them, so that they are not caught off guard and fall victim.  It is our hope and desire as parents to see our children grow up, fall in love, and live happily ever after.  This book enlightens us as parents to a world that we have been oblivious to and gives us the knowledge we need to help our precious daughters make it to happily ever after.
Daughter’s in Danger is a page turner and a must read for every parent and student!  Whether you are male or female read this book!  Also a great read for anyone interested in crime prevention.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for an honest review.

Just 18 Summers

Just 18 Summers
By Michelle Cox and Rene Gutteridge
Today we celebrated my daughter’s 10th birthday.  Wow how time flies!  It seems like only yesterday I was holding her in my arms and changing her diapers.  In 8 more years she will be off to college and starting the next chapter in her life.  It really got me to thinking.
Have you ever had a moment when you stopped and thought where has the time gone?  Just 18 Summers really puts things into perspective.    We have 18 short summers to make a real impact on our children and to create lasting memories that our children can build on.  That is the message that Cox delivers in this novel.  The story begins after a tragic accident and the loss of Butch Borrowing’s wife.  Four families are woken up to realize time together is fleeting, much like I have.  Each family is in a different stage of life.  Butch is facing being a single father, The O’Reillys are just starting out and expecting their first baby, and the Anderson’s are approaching the empty nest.
With just 18 summers, how will you make a difference?  This novel has gotten my head spinning.  As a single parent like Butch it can be hard to balance life out.  I want to have that carefree family, but I also have to keep order and work to pay the bills.  It is easy to lose focus.  The focus being God and family.  Make this time about love, laughter, and growth.
I received a complimentary copy of Just 18 Summers from Tyndale Publishing.

Is your child an Introvert?

For the longest time I could not figure out why my daughter was being so difficult. When she was younger it was easy to say that she was, “just shy…” As she got older, “she is just shy…” didnt cut it anymore. It came off very rude when she would not respond to a hello or how are you from anyone. It wasn’t that she was just not speaking back to strangers. These were people she saw every week…at church or friends of friends. But this is only one issue that we were trying to deal with. There was also the issue with A getting along and playing nicely with others. She is not a trouble maker by any means and does not hurt others, but she gets very cranky and stubborn when she is with a group too large for her comfort zone. Countless times she has hidden in a closet or under the table with an outburst of anger. I could never understand why. I kept asking myself, “Why does she do this to me?! Why can’t I have a normal child? Why, why, why?!!!” I felt like she was lashing out at me with every angry encounter. I always thought she was punishing me because things didnt work out with her dad. That is a whole nother story!

Then one day I realized A is not like me. She may be a duplicate on the outside, but inside God had made her to tick in a very different way. God has made each of us so alike but so very different. Not one person is exactly like another, not even twins. This was part of God’s ultimate plan for each of us to be a like because we are made in his image, but to also be one of a kind creations with a unique personality and purpose. We each have our own gift to the world. A is very smart. I will brag…she is my gifted child. She makes straight A’s, she learns easily and is like a sponge, she is very artistic…loves to draw and is very good at it, she loves to sing and she has a beautiful voice, she is silly and very humorous, she is beautiful, and she has the biggest heart. She is such a precious gift and a light unto my life. I am starting to digress as I am known to do so I will quickly get back to the point of my post. I am writing this as I listen to the Moody Radio on my iPhone at work.

Yes, so as I was saying… I realized that my sweet daughter is not like me. She is not fueled by being around people. She is happiest when she is doing an activity by herself or with a very small group. When she is acting out and hiding away from the group it is because she needs the time to recharge. I am total opposite. I love to be around people and the more people the better. My energy level sky rockets when I am out and about. I don’t like to be alone often. This is the battle of Introverts VS Extroverts. If you are unaware of your child’s introverted needs you will be in a constant battle that you can never win.

Here is a list of traits that your child may express if they are an Iintrovert:

Social Interaction:
Has only a few close friends
Does more listening than talking
Talks to family members, but not to strangers


Social Preferences:
Likes solitary activities, like reading, or activities with only a few people
Likes to spend time in own room with the door closed.
Watches a game or activity before joining in
Likes creative or imaginative play


May get crabby after spending a lot of time around other people
Does not share feelings easily
Becomes deeply humiliated after making a mistake in public


I am still learning how to parent my introverted child effectively. Working Mother magazine published an article about raising Introverted children. Here is the body of that article:

“1) Honor your kid. Don’t just accept your child for who she is; treasure her. So long as they’re in settings that suit them, introverted children can be kind, thoughtful, focused and very interesting company.

2) Go slow—but go. If your child is reluctant to try new things or meet new people, expose him to new experiences gradually. Don’t let him opt out, but do respect his limits, even when they seem extreme. Inch together toward the thing he’s wary of. When he takes social risks, let him know you admire his efforts: “I saw you go up to those new kids yesterday. I know that can be difficult, and I’m proud of you.” When he ends up enjoying things he thought he wouldn’t like or was initially scared of, point that out to him. Eventually he’ll learn to self-regulate feelings of wariness.

3) Avoid labels. If your child is shy, don’t let her hear you call her that. She’ll start to experience her nervousness as a fixed trait rather than as an emotion she can learn to control. She also knows full well that “shy” is a usually a criticism in our society. When others call her shy in front of her (and they will), reframe it lightly, saying things like “Sophie likes to take her time to suss out new situations.”

4) Don’t project. If you’re an introvert, try not to project your own history onto your child. Your introversion may have caused you pain when you were younger. Don’t assume that this will be the case for your child, or that he won’t be able to handle the occasional sling or arrow. He can handle it, and he can thrive. The best thing to do for him is take joy in his wonderful qualities, have confidence that those qualities will carry him far, and teach him skills for handling challenging aspects of his nature.

5) Water your “orchid.” If your child is “highly sensitive”—meaning sensitive to lights, sounds, emotional experiences or new situations— she might be what’s known as an “orchid child.” This term, from a theory now being investigated by researchers, holds that while many children are like dandelions, able to thrive in just about any environment, others are more like orchids: they wilt easily, but given a nurturing environment, they can actually do better than dandelion children. They’re often healthier, have better grades and enjoy stronger relationships.

6) Cultivate passions. Introverted kids usually have the capacity to develop great passions. Be alert to your child’s enthusiasms and cultivate them. Intense engagement in an activity is a proven route to happiness, and a well-developed talent is a great source of confidence. Traditional childhood activities such as soccer and piano may work well for some kids, but don’t forget to look off the beaten path. It could be creative writing, for example, that stimulates your child. So try to follow her lead.”


Just remember that there is nothing wrong with your child. They have a more simplistic personality. They have a laid back point of view and need less stimulating environments in order to shine. When you respect your child’s introverted needs, you will open the door to serenity in your home.

Are you an introvert or extrovert? Follow this link to take a test to find out your personality type. I took the test and I fall right smack dab in the middle and I am an Ambivert.

Post below your experiences and personal tips.


Words from scripture:

Romans 12:6 Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them: if prophecy, in proportion to our faith;

say boo and make some ghost feet!

Wowwwzers!  This week has been very crazy busy for me.  I have been meaning to post and catch up with ya’ll.  I am so sorry if I have failed to connect this week.  After a few years of contemplating, I have finally gone back  to school to pursue a BS in Criminal Justice.  I currently have my AS in Paralegal.  I am so excited to continue my education and pursue a career in a field that I have a great desire to be in.

As a mother, I try very hard to show my children how important an education is to a leading career.  I stay engaged and involved in their studies.   I also volunteer at the school as much as I can and in their extracurricular activities.  I believe a good foundation starts at home.  I have been reading to my children since pregnancy.  That’s right mom’s!  It is never to early to start reading to your babies.  When I was pregnant with my first child, I would sit in bed with board books and I would read to my dear A in my tummy.  I also listened to Mozart every day during my pregnancy.
Returning to school also shows my children first hand my respect for learning and teaches them a great deal.  Even though I have my AS in Paralegal I have never had the chance to use it.  I work performing administrative duties in an office environment.  To me it is just a job.  I am so excited that I have this opportunity to pursue my dreams.
Here is a fun activity to do at home with your kiddos for Halloween.
Ghost Feet
Materials needed:
Black construction paper
white non toxic paint
paint brush
black sharpie
cute lil feet
Step one:  Paint the bottom of the cute lil foot white
Step two: gently press the cute lil foot down on the black construction paper
Step three: Quickly and gently remove the cute lil foot off the paper.  It works best if you lift straight up with one hand and hold the paper down with the other to avoid smearing.
Step four:  set the ghost to dry
Step five: use a black sharpie to draw in the eyes and mouth
Super easy Super simple and Super fun!  You may want to keep a baby wipe close at hand to wipe the feetsies after the craft.
Share your comments below!