To Infinity and Beyond!

Although running in a costume is not required to participate, it can add more fun to the event for everyone involved.  **Spectators included**  This is my favorite part of race day.  I truly enjoy watching each runner cross the finish line and admire their costume and their personal time!

Our first Run Disney event ever is just around the corner…the Wine and Dine Kid Races located at ESPN in November and we ( and yes I mean WE…kids and momma) are totally stoked.  With costumes in hand and drastic training for momma, WE just cant wait!  I may even run with the kiddos in this race.  As everyone knows moms and dads may run with kids in the one mile run in all Run Disney events.

Let’s take a closer look at the Buzz costume designed for the Wine and Dine Kid Race taking place in November 2016.

Buzz Lightyear



My 7 year old son helped put this costume together piece by piece with the help of Etsian Artists Norma of MMEMBRODIEREDGIFTS and Amber of Tullelips and Ties.

buzz2MMEMRODIEREDGIFTS can be found on Etsy and specializes in whimsical creations made of felt.  She designed and created the Buzz Wings used in this costume.  The wings are light and easy to slip on using the attached elastic arm bands; yet very sturdy.  Which means they are very easy to run with.  Let’s just say they make your lil one virtually aerodynamic while keeping his feet firmly on the ground.  Norma uses Eco Friendly Felt and Premium Polyester Fiberfill in all of her designs.  Everything is just so cute and Eco Friendly, makes me want to squeal!  There is definitely something for everyone in this shop from dress up fun to games and learning.

Here are a few of my top picks from MMEMBRODIEREDGIFTS– an Etsy Shop:

Top Left:  Nonpaper dress up dolls!  She has the most adorable Beauty and the Beast pair also!  Bring back the fun and your fondest childhood memories with these adorable dolls!

Top Right: Felt Campfire and Felt Cowboy Boot Puzzle

Bottom: Felt poptarts!

buzz1As if this was not enough cuteness!  Tullelips and Ties   is like a treasure chest of dress up items from tutu’s to costume tee’s for kids and adults alike.  Inspired by her artistic abilities, childhood love for Disney, and the birth of her sweet princess, Amber creates fantastical costume pieces that are sure to bring hours of fun, magic, and giggles.  She designed the Buzz tee used in this costume.   Customize this tee in infant to adult sizes.   I have found this tee to be light and breathable for the runner.  All felt pieces are well secured.  Flying to Infinity and Beyond in this space ranger tee or maybe just the finish line will be double the fun thanks to Tullelips and Ties.


Here are a few of my top picks from Tullelips and Ties:


Top Left:  Woody Tee and Cookie Monster Tutu Dress

Middle Left: Feather tutu  and Dumbo tutu and tank

Bottom: Chewbacca inspired tutu –this is the best one  I have seen thus far!!!

A big thank you to Norma and Amber for the opportunity to drool over their adorable creations and for the complimentary pieces that made this costume spaceterrific!  You two are truly out of this world!