Do you Zeso?

Now that I got your attention!  Zeso Lens are the perfect accessory for anyone who enjoys snapping memories with their smart phone!  The Zeso Lens easily attaches to any cell phone, laptop, tablet, or iPAD and will enhance your image.  Whether you use the fisheye, wide, or macro lenses, rest assured you will get the perfect picture!


The Zeson Lens 3 in 1 Lens Kit offers 3 great lenses:
198 Fisheye Lens: let you enjoy the world in the “fisheye”. It will give your images a round, fish bowl effect while also acting as a wide angle lens.
15X Macro Lens: amazing lens to explore the invisible world. It takes a very close & deep look. You can take very sharp pictures as close as 50mm from the subject (perfect for flowers, coins, insects, etc.).
0.63X Wide Angle Lens: Lens allows you to have more of the scene to be included in the photograph. This lens is useful in architectural, interior and landscape photography, long cityscapes & large group shots and more.

complete with lens holder allowing lens to easily screw in and secure tight around the camera eye.


My fave?  The fish eye!!!zeso5

How do Zeso Lenses measure up?


You can purchase this amazing camera lens set on Amazon and discover yourself how easy and convenient they are to use!


Thank you to Tomoson and Zenso Lens for the opportunity to review this item for free in exchange for my honest opinion.  I think these lenses are so much fun to use and I just love that I can capture quality images when i’m out and about without having to lug my fancy DSLR with me.  Just slide the case into my purse and go!  No added bulk.  A quick and easy solution for the mom on the go that loves to capture every moment with her cool and amazing kids!





New Year New Memories

With 2013 behind us and 2014 turning the gears to awesomeness one begins to create New Year Memories. We are only 5 days into 2014 and I can already tell this year is going to be one to remember! So how do we preserve these memories so that we never lose em? I know! Make a memory jar! This is such an easy craft that you can do with your kids. It literally takes minutes to make your 2014 Memory Jar.

Take a glass jar (Ball Mason Jar or a upcycled pasta sauce jar)
Spray the inside with spray adhesive
Pour white glitter inside the jar
Seal the jar with lid
Shake the jar

The glitter leaves a beautiful snowflake, fairy pixie dust look. It is pretty and oh so magical! A perfect place to store your 2014 memories. Fill your jar with those special moments that you want to hold on to for a lifetime! On New Years Eve you can reflect back and remember how awesome 2014 was and forever will be!