Zap Cavities and Plaque

nnwith The Natural Dentist toothpaste designed for kids!

The Natural Dentist toothpaste is made of ALL NATURAL ingredients and come in two kid approved flavors: Groovy Grape and Berry Blast.  My son whom has never been a fan of toothpaste because it can often burn his mouth, or as he puts it “is to spicy,”  really likes the Groovy Grape flavor.  He has never enjoyed brushing his own teeth so much!  I am content knowing that he is using a product that is safe for his little body. No artificial sweetners

No artificial coloring

No preservatives

No SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate)

The ingredients come from God’s Green Earth…like corn, aloe vera plant, and other plants.  My 10 year old daughter was able to read the ingredients to me without any help.  Impressive!  When combined these ingredients  hold the power to rid your child’s mouth of plaque and cavities.  We give The Natural Dentist two thumbs up! Check out their website for more information on healthy teeth and gums and to locate a retail store nearest you!  Click here!

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I Can Learn the Bible and so can you!


Check out this new devotional just for kids!  I Can Learn the Bible by Holly Hawkins  is a 52 week devotional for kids ages 4-8 that helps children grow in their personal relationship with Christ through scripture reading, memory verses, and prayer.  Each week your child will learn a new Bible verse and where to find it in the Bible.  Your child will also learn how to incorporate scripture into their daily lives.  I really enjoy reading this devotional with my children each week and learning together just how God works through us.

Each new day and each new verse will reinforce to young readers that “God’s Word is FOR ME and TO ME, it is IN ME and working THROUGH ME, and just like His love, it goes on and on forever!

The BookLook Bloggers book review program provided this complimentary copy for review purposes. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own.

Fingerprint Christmas Ornament

One of our family traditions is making and giving Christmas ornaments to our family.  It is such a nice way to capture the essence of the year.  My daughter loves painting the inside of the clear balls and making pretty swirls.  We have made this ornament for about 8 years now.  After realizing that our family had enough to fill a whole tree, we decided to try something new.

This year we made fingerprint Christmas ornaments.  They are so much fun and easy for children of all ages.


What you will need:

self hardening clay- We used Crayola (takes a few days to harden at room temperature.)

straw to make hole


letter stamps

rolling pin

wax paper

cookie cutter (shape of your choice)

black crayon

glitter spray

silver sharpie


Roll out a ball of clay with the rolling pin on wax paper.


Using a cookie cutter press down on clay and cut excess off around the cookie cutter.  Remove cookie cutter.  Using the end of a straw make a hole for the ribbon/yarn for hanging purposes.


Have your child press their thumbprint on the clay.



Using a letter stamp press the initials of your child’s name on the ornament above the fingerprint.

Lay out the ornaments on wax paper to dry.  This will take between three and five days.  Once the clay hardens  you take a black crayon and lightly color over the thumbprint.  This makes it easier to see the lines in the fingerprint.  Spray the ornament with silver glitter spray.  Let topside dry; flip and spray underside with glitter spray.  Write the year with silver sharpie on backside of ornament.  Thread ribbon or yarn through hole for hanging.  And voila’!  You have yourself a timeless piece that you can hang on your tree year after year.


Happy Friday and may the 3 day weekend begin!

My employer has blessed us with a 3 day weekend.  We dont get many of those.  So I will be thankful and sleep in Monday!  No annoying alarm tone going off every 8 minutes to wake me up.  No rushing around at 5am because I overslept.    No whiny kids, no grouchies, no hurry and get out of the house before we get stuck behind a school bus.   No A forgot her lunch on the counter.  No chaos.

Instead my Monday morning will be peaceful.  I will sleep in til 730am and I will awake to “MOM!  A hit me! N pulled my hair!” and I will lie in bed and think to myself what a wonderful life I have.

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

labor day



Get to know Jesus…a book review

Nancy I Sanders has launched her Get to Know Series in which children are given a closer look into the lives of people from Bible times. I love this series because it gives our children a way to connect and learn about well known people of the bible as people and not a character in a story. Get to know Jesus is a great book for children ages 6-10. This book introduces Jesus and his amazing works that are found in the new testament. Learn about the life of Jesus from birth to the Crucifixion. This is an easy read that captures the mind of children using color images, maps, scripture, and fun facts. Flipping through the book you will find the Did you Know sections that explain Jesus’ family tree, the different Herods of the Bible, burial traditions, and the seven Jewish feasts and a hero section that introduces the 12 disciples, John the Baptist, Moses, and other Heroes of the Bible. This is a great resource for Sunday School and home Bible studies.



I received a complimentary copy of this book from Book Look Bloggers in return for an honest review

A terrible case of aquaphobia with a happy ending…


Have I ever told you that my son N was terrified of water??? WAS is the operative word. It was extreme, like to the point that I couldnt get a car wash without him crying and screaming in the back seat. Going to Sea World was no walk in the park either. And forget going in the pool. N would never get close enough, he was safe, secure, and quite content sitting on the sidelines watching his sister and cousins play in the pool. It was just his norm for the past three years. I am not sure why he developed this fear, but it was real. Many would advise me to just throw him in or force him in the water and eventually he would just stop crying and start swimming. I knew as his mother that line of action would cause even more damage to N. This fear of water is actually called aquaphobia. Aquaphobia is basically defined as a persistent and abnormal fear of water. 18% of Americans suffer from aquaphobia. This extreme phobia can actually interfere with one’s daily life, making it difficult to complete simple tasks, as I explained above.

I waited til I thought the time was right and I made the decision to sign N up for swim classes. I explained to him that it was for his own safety that he learn how to swim and he would need to be brave. I prayed about this for a long time and then one day N came home with a sign up sheet from his daycare for Summer Time Swim Lessons. This was it! So I filled out the informational form, was extremely honest about N’s fear, but wasn’t quite sure if they understood just how petrified my lil boy was of the water on paper. I felt like I was the only mother that was dealing with this odd behavior. I mean, my daughter just naturally took to water and swam like a fish.

Then I got the call…Kim from SwimKids USA assured me that I was making the right decision and that by the end of the summer N would be swimming on his own. I still was not 100% comfortable with the idea but I knew he had to learn. If anything he would learn the basics and if he ever fell in the water he would know how to get out. So we signed up for weekend classes. Kim advised that I not speak to N about the classes to avoid any anxiety he may feel. So we didn’t talk about classes much. I told him about it and I got, “mom you don’t love me.” I told him it was because I loved him so much that I wanted him to learn how to swim. So he could be safe.

After that conversation it was never brought up again. It was tugging in my heart, those words…”mom you don’t love me.” I was hurt and it was then that I knew just how deep his fear was.

On day  N had anxiety from the time we got up. He cried all the way to swim class. When we arrived Mr. Jose (his swim teacher) was very welcoming and tried to talk to N. My lil N wouldn’t even look at him. When it came time to get in the water N screamed and cried. He clung tight to me and begged me not to make him go in the water. Mr. Jose helped to calm him down and assertively asked N to sit on the ledge. N was terrified but knew he had no choice. Over the next couple of classes N would ask what they were doing and cry. He would ask Mr. Jose to hold him tight and would come up with every excuse possible to get out of the water. “Mr. Jose I heard thunder, I saw lightning, I have to go to the bathroom.” He would look back at me with tears in his eyes as to say, “mom come save me.” When it came time to dig his hands and kick his feet  and swim to the wall, all while Mr. Jose was holding him tight he would scream, “Im sinking!” He was oh so scared, but pushing himself to complete the tasks he was asked to do. I hid my tears behind my sunglasses. I cheered when he completed each task and made it back to the wall…his new safe haven. All the while Mr. Jose was very patient, calm, and reassuring. By week three Noah was feeling more confident and looked forward to swim class. My tears cried are now tears of joy and great pride. N is excited when he arrives to class and cant wait to jump in! Our July 4th holiday was extra special because it was his first time playing in the water with his sister and cousins. It was amazing! This weekend N told me he wants to be a gold winner in the olympics one day. He said, “wouldn’t that be great mom? Thanks to Mr. Jose I love the water.” I am so amazed at the transformation. And it isn’t just my son, but all the children in his class have come so far with their confidence and skill. I highly recommend classes with Mr. Jose at SwimKids USA. I can totally see my son swimming freely like a lil fish by the end of the summer.  And who knows…maybe he will be an Olympic gold medalist one day!



If your child has a fear it is best to listen to them and hear them out. Sometimes all they need is a lil reassurance and some love.


For more information on SwimKids USA please follow this link to visit their Facebook page.

Helping Kids and Families Succeed with back to school supplies and I need your help!

imageHard to think about school when summer has just begun. As a single mother
of two children I know first hand how hard it is to make ends meet. I have
been very blessed with a wonderful job and support system and have always
been able to provide for my children with more than they truly need. God is
so good! I know this is not the story for all single mothers. I would like
to do a school supply drive for single mothers that are in need of help for
the next school year. I will be taking applications for mother’s in need in
a few short weeks. I would like to start with seeing how many vendors and
fans are willing to stand with me and donate either school supplies or gift
cards for store’s like Target, Walmart, Staples, and Office Depot or Office
Max. Please message me if you are able to donate. You will receive free
advertising this summer from me and acknowledgment on my blog in return for
your patronage. I would like to help as many families as I can in the new
school year. Please share on your personal and business pages to spread the
word. Thank you!