Jamberry Nails

I am not the most competent when it comes to nail art. I love the many designs that one can create on their nails but sadly, all that I am capable of doing is painting my nails with a single color and topping it off with glitter. It wasn’t until Noel Giger (an independent consultant with Jamberry nails) sponsored my First Annual Holiday Giveaway in December that I discovered just how easy it is to create stylish designs on not just my fingernails but my toenails too!

All you need to create a unique signature style is the nail wraps by Jamberry nails. It is quite simple to transfer the design from the wrap sheet to your nails. Just peel the wrap off the sheet that matches the width of your nail. Heat it with a blow dryer til it is easy to manipulate and place on your nail. Press firmly to the nail and trim with scissors. You may also file the remaining wrap off. It may be a little awkward doing your first nail but once you get the hang of it you will have star struck nails.



With so many designs offered you can not go wrong! You can even create your own designs!  Get your wraps today from Noel Giger!