Buyers Beware


On February 11, 2015 I placed my first order with Three Bird Nest.  They were offering a sale $20 off $60 and I was tempted to purchase from their boutique.  I have such a hard time passing up a good sale.  In my order confirmation I was informed my order would ship in 1-2 days after being processed.

“Wed, Feb 11, 2015 at 12:09 PM hip hip hooray! thank you for your order with our Three Bird Nest ! This email is to confirm we have received your order as shown below. Please allow 1-­2 business days for processing and then your order will be on its way to you! Your order may ship in split shipments, so don’t be alarmed we are simply getting you your purchases as quick as possible!”

on the 19th I emailed customer service…order has not shipped::requesting status update.

I received a fairly quick response on the same day:

“We are in the process of making changes in our warehouse that will result in faster shipping, increased shipping options and a great rate of accuracy.  Because of this some current orders have been delayed as we make this change and receive in new inventory.  We’re sorry that this has impacted you but this one time change will be beneficial to everyone going forward as we continue to evolve to give you the service you deserve.

Your order should be shipping by the end of this week or the early next week as we get all inventory in and start packing shipments. Your confirmation email with tracking information should be generated at the time of shipment so you’ll know it has gone out. Please hold tight just a little longer for us, we’re almost there. 🙂 ”

on 2/23 I received a notification that the order shipped but received no tracking.

on 2/28 I requested a tracking code

on 3/2 I received this response from Three Bird Nest

“We did ship your order but it came from our new warehouse.  Because of that tracking isn’t available just yet but we can assure you that your order is on its way.  Please keep in mind that carrier pickup happens 1-3 days after your order is marked as shipped. So you should have it in just a couple of days. :)”

on 3/8 still havent received my order

on 3/10 I received a response to my tracking inquiry and was told the order never actually shipped on 2/23 and there was a delay due to challenges at the new warehouse.

Three Bird Nest response on 3/10:

“The warehouse has orders packed and labels printed but they didn’t start hitting the carriers until last week. I’m so sorry for any delays, our new warehouse was supposed to be up and running within a week and it took considerably longer but we’re finally there!  You will be receiving a new order confirmation with the correct tracking number soon so please watch for it.”

3/17 still havent received my order, emailed customer service again…

on 3/18 I received this response from Three Bird Nest explaining more warehouse difficulties and the the order never shipped out.

Three Bird Nest response on 3/18:

“We implemented a warehouse just prior to the holiday season last year and the service was not meeting our standard so we made the determination to transition once again, this time to a centralized warehouse. Our new facility offers faster shipping, greater accuracy and more shipping options than before.The transition has taken considerably longer than initially projected as we had to move the inventory across the country and sort it prior to making any shipments.  Now that we are receiving the last of the inventory in the remaining orders are being shipped.  We value your business, we value you as a customer and once again, we truly do apologize for this occurring.  We are shipping your order by Friday this week and will have tracking early next week.  We know that it has been a long wait and it is not typical and will not happen again in the future.”

on 3/25 I received a tracking number for shipment

on 3/29 I received my order but items were missing.  I emailed customer service right away.

on 3/30 Three Bird Nest responded that they were aware of the split order and the rest of my order was shipping next week.

Three Bird Nest response on 3/30:

“We are shipping out as the warehouse is receiving so the other items should be going out this week or early next week. If for some reason our inventory was off we will be issuing GC’s next week.  We are just working through reconciling everything and resolving each case with our warehouse.”

04/08…still waiting, emailed customer service.

04/11 Three Bird Nest responds:

“Honestly, I know it’s been a very frustrating experience. I am very sorry for this transpiring. We truly care about our customers. We know that this warehouse will be a positive change and we wish it didn’t have to be at the expense of our wonderful customers like yourself. We really believed the scope of the project was about a week and it took considerably longer to get things up to speed. I’m so sorry your order didn’t ship out for you during the transition. When we moved warehouses we implemented a new system not all orders were transmitted completely.”

5/22…I emailed customer service again.  Still waiting on an item ordered in February.

5/22…Three Bird Nest responds:

“Just to bring you in the loop, we are transitioning our fulfillment center again to bring everything under one roof as we attempted to outsource those services and it wasn’t to our level of expectations for our customers. Moving the entire warehouse caused issues with our systems and order fulfillment and those issues progressed beyond start up. We are confident that when we have this all in our own warehouse we will not have any further concerns with orders shipping.”

Transitioning to a new warehouse again?!  How many times are they going to use the warehouse as an excuse for severely poor customer service and money stealing?

6/03…I emailed customer service again.

6/03 Three Bird Nest responds ” did you ever notify us of the missing item?”


6/03 I forwarded all correspondence back to their customer service department and asked for a refund for the missing item.

6/03 Three Bird Nest responded asking for my phone number and stated they would call me the next day.

6/04…and never called me.

6/08 I emailed customer service

6/08 I was given a number to call Sally, a manager about the refund.

I called Sally three times and never received a response from her.

7/01…emailed customer service again about refund.

7/01…Three Bird Nest responded:

” I can send this over to get a refund approval.”

07/16…still waiting on refund.  Are they going to blame the delay on the warehouse too?  Emailed customer service about the refund.

7/22…emailed them again.

7/22…Three Bird Nest responded:

“I am very sorry for the delay and all your troubles I will get this over to our refunds manager to get your refund approved, I again apologize”

a few minutes later I received a message from customer advocacy that was meant for another customer.

It read:

“I honestly am not sure what happened but we have a different way of doing things now and orders are shipping quick! You should have a email confirmation regarding the order I placed for you for the chevron top, again I apologize for the delay, confusion and your troubles!”

Seems like a pattern for Three Bird Nest.

7/30…emailed customer service again, still  no refund.

And I am still waiting….this was an order from hell.  I will never shop Three Bird Nest again.  I urge my readers to avoid the headache.  I have been waiting for a refund for a missing order item for months and have been stressed to  the max with all the excuses and shuffling.

Simple refund  they refuse to do = stealing customer money.  Very bad, bad company!  Beware!

***UPDATE***   On August 1st I filed a dispute with PayPal, after reviewing my dispute with my bank I was referred back to Paypal as that is the originating point of payment.  Shortly after, I  received a tracking number for the missing item and a text from Sally that they found the item in the back and would not be refunding my money and she was working on something for me and would be in touch on August 3rd.   On Friday, August 7th I reached out to Sally asking for an update.  No response received.  August 12th I asked for an update and Sally responds via text that she can not help me now that I have a Paypal dispute open.


Update:  8/27/2015:  On 8/21 Paypal sided with TBN based on the response by the seller.  TBN stated:  The buyer was informed of the delay and offered a refund in the form of a store credit or for the merchandise to be shipped.  Buyer requested to wait and have item shipped.  I appealed their decision, as the information provided by TBN was false.  The documentation I have reflects that I have requested a refund for five months and have been told numerous times that the refund was processing or that the manager forgot to process it and the request would be sent to the manager right away.  Today Paypal closed my case providing me a refund for the merchandise that I never received.

I sure do hope that my experience will help guide someone who has been scammed by this company and act as a warning to anyone thinking of doing business with TBN.  The clothes they sell are unique and pretty, but you take a chance of losing your money and never receiving your order if you decide to purchase from Three Bird Nest.  There are many other boutiques online that provide the same quality clothing if not better and strive for ultimate customer satisfaction.  There are several that I order from on a regular basis and I am truly satisfied with their service.