The Hillbilly Rock Shack on Etsy!

Get ready to gaggle over these new lava stone beaded bracelets found on Etsy by the Hillbilly Rock Shack!  Made with genuine lava stone and gemstones to create prosperity, peace, and patience.  Each  bracelet is delicately handmade by this mother/daughter team and promotes positivity and good health.  The Lava Stones are perfect for diffusing your  favorite oils for aromatic purposes.  Just place a couple of drops of the oil on  the lava stone.  Believe me, a couple of drops go a long way!  Don’t have essential oils The gemstones are believed to enhance balance, strength, and patience among other healing properties.  The Hillbilly Rock Shack is new to Etsy and will be adding new designs very soon!


Get Shamrock’s Glory for a limited time!  Now available on Etsy!!!

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Don’t have your own oils you can upgrade your order for only $20 for a 15 mL of therapeutic-grade essential oils.

Ruby Zoisite: Balance, Patience, and Healing

Prehnite: Grounding

Lava: Balancing, Protecting, and Strenghthening

Allow this bracelet to melt away stress and anxiety.  Let it bring you happiness, calm, relief, mental clarity, and a peace of mind.

Stone sizes all 8mm

Spacers silver on all bracelets

Request to upgrade your bracelet with a 15 mL vial of essential oils: choose from lemongrass, lavender, wild orange.