Cold In Florida

Freezing weather has plagued Florida this January. Just a couple weeks ago we survived temperatures as low as the teens. It is important when preparing for severe cold weather to follow these steps:

1) Bring pets in doors
2) Cover plants
3) Pool owners should keep filter running
4) Dress in layers and bundle up

My favorite things to do when it is very very cold in Florida:

1) enjoy hot cocoa with whipped cream and chocolate chips
2) cuddle in bed with the kiddos watching movies
3) HIBERNATE like a bear
4) dress adorably cute in my winter gear

You may ask what does a Floridian wear in the cold? Flip flops with socks??? Nah this Southern gal has more style then that!


Sweater: White Plum Boutique

Leggings: White Plum Boutique

Boots: Groopdealz


Sweatshirt: Zulily

Leggings: Contagious Boutique

Boots: Groopdealz

boot2 - Copy


Boots: Groopdealz


Boot socks: Peek A Boo Chic

Boots: Fancy Frills


Hats: Made with Love by Grandma

Powerful Leather and Leopard

I am loving the faux  leather and leopard print this Winter season!  There is just something about a girl wearing leather and leopard that scream powerful, confident, untamed, and FUN!  That is exactly how I felt yesterday when I wore my leather panel leggings with the ever so confident animal print top.  I received so many compliments!



Top: Pink Cherry Trees

Bottoms: GroopDealz

Boots: GroopDealz

The Birthday Box and a great big RAWRRR!

Here is a really easy and fun birthday box that you can create for that special someone.  You can fill the balloon with just about anything that is small enough to fit in the hole.  You can include a message, candy, money, gift card, or confetti.  Make sure you put the hidden message or gift in the balloon before you blow it up.   You will also need a medium sized box.  You may want to decorate the box with balloons, confetti, or glitter.  Write Pop Me on the inner tab of the box with an arrow pointing down to the where the balloon will sit.  Seal up the box and send it via USPS.  This is a great way to share birthday greetings with that someone special that is miles away.

Just another day at the office…Today I woke up and my son said,  “Rawrrr!”  I asked him what that was for and he said, “because I love you mom!”  I decided to keep the walk on the wild side and I wore my new favorite skirt from Groopdealz  .  I love this skirt!  It is so easy to dress up or down.  The elastic waist offers a more comfort fit and the skirt has a slip liner.  Even the guys like the skirt!  That is right girls!  I got more compliments from the guys today at the office then ever!  Something about a pretty lady in animal print!

Skirt: Groopdealz

Top: Kohls 

Shoes: Payless

Sunglasses:  Fancy Frills