Only God Can Make a Kitten- a book review

only godThis is one of the sweetest children’s books my children and I have read together.   As your child reads the rhyming text and enjoys the softly drawn images he/she will discover who the one and true creator  is.  The story is written by Rhonda Gowler Greene and illustrated by Laura J Bryant.  A mother and her children are enjoying a day of exploration in the great outdoors.  Her children are climbing on rocks, swimming in the sea, and discovering God’s creation with every step of the way.

There is lots of fun word play through out the text, ” “Mama, look! A tiny sprout! Who made this sprig of spring pop out? He who knows our every need. Only God can make a seed.” (Greene, 2015) Only God Can Make a Kitten will become a treasured family favorite and shares the truth about our world and her creator.

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God’s Greatest Gift- a book review

What is God’s greatest gift?  This is the question children ponder while being entertained by the beautiful images and lyrical words of God’s Greatest Gift, by Deborah Burch.  Deborah is inspired as an author by her dreams.  Her stories begin as poems written on paper and rewritten for children to enjoy.  God’ Greatest Gift is beautifully written for children ages 2-5.  Your child will be reminded of God’s enduring love with the turn of every page.  There are beautiful gifts all around us, but the greatest gift is..well I can’t spoil the book.  You will just have to read it, to find out!  Get your copy on Amazon.


I received a complimentary copy of this book from BookCrash and the review is of my own honest opinion.

Tell me about Prayer- A book review

Stephen Elkins is the author of “Tell me about Prayer.”  In this wonder kids book children learn what prayer is and how to pray in a way that brings honor to God.  This is an easy to read and easy to understand book that captures the readers attention through vibrant pictures and interactive songs.  My son enjoyed boarding the locomotive and singing the Lord’s Prayer.  Praying to God is more than just asking for things.  Your child will discover how easy it is to speak to God through prayer in this train em up delight.


I received a complimentary copy of this book from Tyndale Publishing in exchange for a honest review.

The Legend of the Candy Cane- a book review

The candy cane is more than just a sweet, minty treat we enjoy at Christmas.  There is great symbolism that reminds us of God’s sacrificial love.  The story of the candy cane is retold by Lori Walburg in her latest board book entitled, “The Legend of the Candy Cane.”   It all begins in a candy shop in a small town.  When Lucy extends a helping hand to the new stranger in town, she discovers the hidden truth of her favorite Christmas candy.  Make this a traditional reading  and share the secret and miracle of Christmas this holiday season and for many Christmases to come!


Share the Legend of the Candy Cane this Christmas.  Print out this tag and attach to candy canes with a red and white ribbon.  Pass them out to everyone you meet.

This is a perfect activity to do in Sunday School or at home with your children.


I found the tag on one of my google searches.  I do not know where it originated from.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from booklook bloggers and the review is of my own honest opinion.

Love Letters from God: a book review

Love Letters from God is a delightful book written by Glenys Nellist for children ages 4-8.  With the turn of each beautifully illustrated page your child will learn a familiar bible story and God’s special word.  Love Letters from God takes you from the very beginning with Adam and Eve to the Resurrection.   Be reminded of God’s promises.  My children enjoyed guessing the Bible story by finding clues in the images drawn by Sophie Allsopp.  This book also includes a flap feature with a letter written from God at the end of each Bible story.   Love Letters from God is a beautiful book to read any time and teaches your child of God’s love and how they are never alone.  Call out to the Lord and he will hear you no matter where you are.


I received a complimentary copy of this book from booklook bloggers and the review is of my own honest opinion.

Jonah and the Great Big Fish a children’s book

Jonah and the Great Whale is one of many stories we remember reading as a child in Sunday School.  It is one of my favorite stories in the Bible.  Rhonda Gowler Greene captures the story of Jonah in this beautiful picture book for children ages 4-8.  Greene uses a rhythmic tone of rhyming words and retells the story of Jonah in a way your child will understand.  Both my 5 and 10 year old children enjoyed listening to the story at bed time and at the end they both chanted “again!”  This has become a family favorite.


I received a complimentary copy of Jonah and the Great Fish from Book Look Bloggers in exchange for an honest review.

How Should Christians Vote a book review

Who is ready for a change in the white-house? Honestly, it is time for Christians to take a stand and fight back against the socialist that has infected our country. We need to put God back in the white house and restore the damage that Obama has caused with his carelessness and disrespect of what America is really about. He has left our country in shambles and vulnerable to more terrorist attacks and alien invasions along our borders. We were once a strong country, stood out among the rest and we can be that proud country once again. It is very simple…Christians need to stop hiding and get out and do something about it. Obama has no respect for God, Our Soldiers, Our Constitution, or America.
Follow this link to read an unedited interview that was conducted by Cathleen Falsani, the religion reporter for the respected Chicago Sun-Times newspaper and you just might be surprised with what Obama has to say about his stand on religion…or maybe not.

While preparing for the next election we as Christians need to remember that we are not to vote as Republicans or Democrats. We need to vote as Godly men and women and cast our vote based on God’s values. It’s not just WWJD…it is HWJV? (How Would Jesus Vote) So on my venture to learn how God want’s me to vote in the next election I picked up a copy of “How Should Christians Vote,” By Tony Evans, courtesy of Moody Publishing. For those of you that do not know who Tony Evans is…he is a pastor at Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas. He is the author of many books, speaks at churches and other events all over the country, and is heard on 500 radio stations each day.


In “How Should Christians Vote,” Tony Evans teaches on how Christians can apply biblical principles when considering who to vote for. Evans emphasizes that God is neither Republican or Democrat and that neither party is good or bad. Each party holds policies that value God’s word and each party has some policies that do not. We need to listen to what the candidates have to say, where they stand, and most importantly who they represent. We can not vote on color or political party. And do not vote to make history! Cast your vote to bring glory to God. Tony Evans pulls much scripture that we can use to guide us with our political choice. We learn how the government was formed and what our founding fathers had in mind for all Americans. Most importantly we are reminded that government was created by God, not man. When our leaders display Godly values they are good and our country is good. When our leaders display values that are not honoring to God they are evil and our country suffers.
Obama is a prime example of a president that is dishonoring to God and the outcome is…well just take a look around ya….

Take a stand for your Christian Values and remember to vote God’s way…It is the only way to save this great nation we call home.
On voting day ask yourself, HWJV?


My opinion of Obama does not necessarily reflect the views of the author.



The Adversary



Before I read this book, my knowledge on Spiritual Warfare was very limited.  I had some personal experience dealing with Demon Activity, but I had a hard time truly understanding or even believing it.  The Adversary by Mark I. Bubeck is a resource to the Christian believer that feels the growing battle for their spiritual soul.  In this book you will learn how to wear the armor of God and how to protect your soul and how to shun off demon activity by the powerful word of God and prayer.  As Christians, Satan will constantly try to get to us,  but we do not need to fear because this battle has been won by the most powerful; Jesus Christ! Bubeck exposes the conflict of demon activity and the hope we as believers have.

Discover the answers to these questions:

What is Satan’s strategy in spiritual warfare?

  • Can a Christian be oppressed by demons?
  • Can demonic affliction be passed down through family lines?
  • What are the symptoms of demonic activity in a person’s life?

With more than 350,000 copies old worldwide, this best seller will help the reader triumph demon activity by understanding the power in God’s word and in his love for us.

Bible Stories for His Beautiful Princess

I just finished this book with my lil princess and my sweet prince.  Bible Stories for his Beautiful Princess by bestselling author Sheri Rose Shepherd is so sweet and perfect for lil girls.  The illustrations are adorable and charismatic and appeal to every lil girl.  The book is covered in pink and purple and cute lil hearts and crowns.  The stories inside are the timeless bible stories that we learned in Sunday School.  The stories haven’t changed, but the wording has been tweaked so that children can understand.  The stories are followed with a small prayer and a special message called Princess Jewel.  We had so much fun reading through this book.  My son and daughter recognized many of the stories and bible verses that are shared.  My daughter thought it was neat that the stories chosen for this book included many great women of the Bible.  The message that is conveyed by reading this special storybook is the Lord loves His children and that lil girls are precious in his sight.

What a beautiful storybook to share with your lil princess that will be treasured for a lifetime.

I received a complimentary copy of Bible Stories for His Beautiful Princess by Tyndale Publishing in exchange for my honest opinion.



Praying for Boys

Are you a single mom, working mom, stay at home mom, a married mom, a soon to be mom, or in the early stages of planning a future family? Do you have sweet lil boy’s that will grow up to be manly men one day? If so, I have a book for you! Brooke McGlothlin has just released a new book, “Praying for Boys.” The book is a wonderful resource for moms everywhere that strive to raise their lil boys to be Godly men. Remember we can not do it alone. Any mother knows it takes lots of prayer and guidance from the Great I Am. In this book, McGlothlin walks momma’s through the steps on how to pray for their son. I like how she describes praying in the very beginning of her book. There really are so many different ways that one can talk with God. My favorite is conversational prayer. That’s right you can share in conversation with the Lord. I do it everyday! The author describes what prayer is and explains why momma’s need to pray for their lil men. She then shares words straight from scripture and shares prayers that you can pray that will enrich his life and his walk with Jesus. This book was a real inspiration for me. There is so much more to pray for at night. It doesn’t just stop at praying for sweet dreams or to keep safe and warm through the night. We need to pray for things they need most like: obedience, overcoming fears, wisdom and purity.


Bethany House sent me a copy of this enriching book in exchange for my honest opinion. In my reflection I have found this book to not be just another great read, but one that has given me wisdom on how to pray for my son and the life that he will led as a man. It is now that his foundation is placed and it is now that I give my children completely to the Lord. For they are his and he is mine. God Bless ya’ll!