Bagelinos- the gluten free breakfast pastry snack

bagel4My food adventure continues and today I am sharing the perfect breakfast pastry snack…Bagelinos.  They are 100% natural and contain no preservatives or trans fats. And of course, no gluten! Bagelinos are made of all natural ingredients such as: cheese, cassava starch, cassava flour, sugar, milk, and water.  Low in fat and sugars they are a perfect snack before and after school.  They are baked fresh and shipped out same day to ensure freshness and quality.  Because Bagelinos bagels are freshly baked and don’t contain preservatives, you should freeze them immediately until ready for consumption. They are so easy to prepare…thaw and warm up in toaster oven for a couple of minutes or toss the bag into a microwave for several seconds.  Bagelinos are very cheesy and are perfect just as they are or add your favorite spread.  My daughter enjoyed her favorite cream cheese on them and my son topped them off with some low salt butter for taste.

Bagelinos® is a manufacturer and distributor, specializing in gluten-free bakery products. Since 1995, Bagelinos’® mission has been to provide healthy gluten-free products to all those with gluten intolerance, wheat allergies and those who follow a wheat-free diet.  Which is a major plus for us.  My daughter has a slight gluten intolerance and sometimes suffers from gas pains.  Since we have started removing gluten from her diet she has been super happy and pain free.  Bagelinos is a great taste and enjoyed by all ages.  Currently you can purchase Bagelinos bagels on their website. You can also connect with Bagelinos on FACEBOOK and stay informed to new flavors and pastry snacks to be released.

Quality is at the core of Bagelinos® Bakery Products. By adding only the finest, natural, gluten-free ingredients to their trade secret recipes and baking techniques, Bagelinos can offer the best products available on the market. Bagelinos are not only good for you but are actually delicious. Try them for yourself and you’ll understand why…  It’s hard to believe it’s Gluten Free!


I received a free sample of Bagelinos bagels in exchange for my honest review.  Thank you Bagelinos!

Mind Blowing Taste is only the tip of the iceberg lettuce.


BRIANNAS Home Style Dressings are insanely delicious and will leave your tongue begging for more.  They are not only fantastic on salads, but are great on your favorite fruit and can be used to spruce up a family recipe. BRIANNAS Salad Dressing is made “home style” in small batches to ensure a fresh and quality product.  I had the opportunity to sample BRIANNAS Italian Vinaigrette, Blush Wine Vinaigrette, Ranch, and Rich Poppy Seed dressings.  I could not believe how amazing they tasted and found myself wanting to try them on everything.  The Italian Vinaigrette was almost authentic to the taste of Italy and was rich with Parmesan.  It blows the Olive Garden House Salad out of the water.  It is that good!


The Blush Wine Vinaigrette Dressing was sampled on strawberries.  I was surprised how perfectly sweet this combo was.


The Rich Poppy Seed was simply amazing on sliced peaches.  I have never thought of using a salad dressing on  my fruit before, but when I read the label and the suggestions to try on the particular fruit; I just had to try it.  My taste buds were delighted!  Not only do they taste good but they are good for you and made of only the finest most natural ingredients!

  • No high fructose corn syryup
  • No trans fat
  • No added MSG
  • Made with Heart Healthy Canola Oil
  • 11 gluten free dressings
  • Vegetarian and Vegan dressing options
  • Lactose free, egg free, and low carb dressings
  • Fat free and sugar free dressing options
  • 9 Kosher certified dressings
  • Only fresh ingredients
  • Made home style

You can purchase BRIANNAS salad dressings direct on their website.  I also found them in my local Publix Supermarket.

Dont forget to like BRIANNAS on FACEBOOK and keep up with the latest recipes!


I received complimentary samples of BRIANNAS Fine Salad Dressings in exchange for my honest review.  Thank you BRIANNAS!

Free Your Cookie of the Bad Stuff with Among Friends Baking Mixes

Among Friends Baking Mixes were created by two friends, Suzie Miller and Lizann Anderson in an effort to design a mouthwatering cookie that wasn’t packed full of harmful ingredients.  The baking mixes are handcrafted using gluten free whole grain oat flour, baking soda, sea salt, and other all natural ingredients.  These sweet gals provided me with a complimentary sample of Phil’ em up Chocolate Cranberry cookie mix to taste test at my most recent house party.  I was surprised at how easy it was to prepare and my guests (including the kids)  absolutely loved the taste.

Among Friends Baking Mixes make baking in the kitchen easy peasy!  I just love the easy to tear package and all you need are three added ingredients!


Add one egg, 1 tsp Vanilla, 4 Tbsp Soft butter.  We substituted coconut oil for the butter.


Mix all the ingredients together.


Make lil balls  (1 inch) and place 2 fingers (2 inches) apart on cookie sheet.


So easy to prepare, even the lil fingers can help!


Preheat oven to 350.  Bake in oven for 7-8 minutes


And you will have yummy yummy yummy cookies!


I would have to say that these gals have mastered the cookie!  Among Friends Baking Mixes are amazingly yummy!  Made with all natural and gluten free ingredients.  You will agree they are super easy to prepare and yummy to the tummy! I can not wait to bake more!  If you are in the Kissimmee area you can find Among Friends Baking Mixes at Publix Supermarkets.  If you are not in Kissimmee, FL and want to know where you can get these cookie mixes you can visit the Among Friends website and use the store locator.