Teaching your children about the five love languages

I recently received a copy of  “A Perfect Pet for Peyton,” written by Gary Chapman and Rick Osborne.  This book is about children discovering their love language and was a great follow up book to “The 5 Love Languages of Children, ” by Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell.  The book is about twins Penny and Peyton  and their amazing birthday celebration with friends.  While on a search for the perfect pet pal each child discovers their love language.  This was an amazing book to read with my children.  They enjoyed the mini activities throughout the book.  My son, who is 4 was excited to find the animals on the pages.  My daughter, who is 9 enjoyed guessing each character’s love language.  After taking the test in the back of the book we discovered that my daughter is a blend of two love languages while my son speaks one dominantly.  This is a great book and a great tool for families.


Discovering your child’s love language

I just completed the book titled, ” The 5 Love Languages of Children, ” by Gary Chapman and Ross Campbell.  This book has changed my relationship with my children.  I now have a better understanding of the needs of my children and how to really show them I love them in a language they understand.  After only reading three chapters I was able to identify the love language for both of my children.  My daughter speaks the language of words of affirmation and my son was easily pinpointed as touch.

I could never understand why my daughter had such a hard time when someone corrected her or told her what to do until I read this book.  Now I know that she is sensitive and is longing for words that lift her up and speak love to her.  In my words she felt that I was always criticizing her and that she was unloved.  Now I am able to say the same things in a different way and not hurt her sweet lil heart.

My son was easy!  He is always touching me and petting my hair.  My son is always hugging on me and sitting in my lap.  His love language is touch.  Sometimes I feel like I can not fill his love tank quick enough because he is constantly asking for a hug.  After reading Gary Chapman’s book I now know how to fill his love tank. my daughter’s and my own!

I especially appreciated the chapter on single parenting.  As a single parent I find it hard sometimes after working a full time job, helping with homework, doing the house chores, and squeezing in some lounge time on the couch with the kids to actually show the love that is very much needed in our home.  I have learned that it is better to take the time to be with my children and to act  out all five love languages not just one and to focus on the language that best suits my kiddos.  All this time I was showering my children with gifts and acts of service not knowing that it was my language that I was speaking not theirs.


Since reading ” The 5 Love Languages of Children,” I have noticed a real change in our home.  My children are happier and getting along  better.  We still have our  moments of chaos but they are less then before.  We still have a long way to go but we are making progress as a family.

I recommend this book to every parent!  Discover your child’s love language and  redesign your family’s relationship.