Frozen Ever After- The Experience


On June 21, 2016 Frozen Ever After took over Norway in the World Showcase of Epcot.  Guests stood in line for over 6 hours to experience the new attraction.  To read more about the Frozen Ever After opening, please see my previous post .  I however, got a FastPass  for a future Journey (July 18th) to Arendelle to see Anna, Elsa, Olaf and so much more!  It has been a month since the initial opening and this attraction is still quite popular;  although wait times are not quite as long as opening week.   Planning ahead with a FastPass is highly recommended, or you could find yourself waiting in queue for as long as 90 minutes.  Not to bad though, rumor has it there is much to see and do as you weave through a small cabin and make your way to the dock to board the boat.

Frozen Ever After follows the same track as it’s predecessor Maelstrom; where riders traveled through scenes of seafarers and maritime villages depicting a mythological version of Norway’s Viking days.  Everything but the track has changed and the surrounding spectacles have been replaced with some high tech animations and major cuteness overload!  Riders of all ages will enjoy songs and favorite phrases as the characters from the hit animation Frozen come to life before your very eyes.

As the boat winds through Arendelle and riders finally reach Elsa’s freezy fortress, the Ice Queen begins to sing, “Let it Go,” and the walls begin to shimmer and sparkle as Elsa displays the power of her ice magic and sends the boat back through a frosted corridor to the adorable and oh so cute Snowgies.


The animatronics  are simply stunning and I think Disney has out done themselves with this new family favorite!  Definitely worth the wait!


New Frozen Ride- Second longest wait time in Walt Disney World History!

13423401_512245538975977_1462168981_n(1)It was nearly 100 degrees on the second official day of summer here in Florida, but with the opening of the NEW Frozen Ever After ride in Epcot it seems things are about to get a whole lot cooler around here.   The highly anticipated Frozen ride packed in guests from all over the world making this the second longest wait time ever recorded at Walt Disney World.   Wait times on opening day were as long as 300 minutes only an hour after the park opened and wrapped all the way around the world showcase.  Soarin’ beats this with a standby wait time recorded at 305 minutes on New Years Eve a few years back.  (Touring Plans) An unnamed cast member informed guests that wait times were actually longer for Frozen Ever After, but showed 300 minutes because that was the highest number they can display on the wait board.  Sadly, I was not one of the lucky first time riders…I was actually stuck in an office working. Had I been off I would have been in line waiting at park opening just so I could go down in history as an opening day rider.  I do have a Fast Pass to ride in July!  Which means that I can play it cool and enjoy less then normal wait times for other attractions.  Seriously, with everyone in Norway or somewhere in the world showcase waiting on line for the new attraction, even Test Track has less then a 20 minute wait!

Also new in Norway character meet and greets with Ana and Elsa!


image from Disney World (click image to be redirected)

Promise to share my Frozen Ever After experience at the end of July when I enter the wintery world of Frozen for the first time!

My children are attempting to ride Frozen Ever After today with my super awesome sister and her family.

At 8:26am this is the wait to get into the park…day two of Frozen Ever After! (pic courtesy of my super awesome sister who is waiting to get into the park!)13473371_1546736565633241_1967136670_n(1)