Learn to type…with TypeKids.com

Learning to type can be tricky for lil fingers and young minds.   TypeKids offers an online program that teaches children the basics of typing and also builds skills they already have.  Through interactive lessons your child will learn proper typing posture, home keys, and how to type using other keys on the keyboard.  My children are 5 and 10 and they both tried out TypeKids.  My children were not fond of the lessons.  There was a lot of repetition, which is a great way to build the skill, but it was drawn out and boring.  My five year old was very excited, when he was rewarded the coins at the end of each lesson.  These coins opened the gateway to new games.  The program does offer many benefits and seemed to help build up much needed typing skills.  However, I feel that it is a bit out dated.  The program itself is old technology and not appealing to today’s children.  It reminds of programs I used when I was  young, back in the 80’s.  All in all I think it is still a great learning tool.




If you would like to try out TypeKids, you may sign up for a free trial which includes the first three lessons.  No credit card is required for the trial period.

Leap into Gaming with LeapTV


It is here!!!!  This is the hottest toy item for Christmas this year!  LeapTV is a game console similar to the Wii but for lil people!  Full of educational gaming.  Your child will be excited to play and learn.  Get your kiddos off the couch and moving around with LeapTV.  My children and I were chosen to test out the new gaming system for ages 4-7 absolutely free, all that was required is an honest review.

Setting up LeapTV took minutes.  It is that easy!  Simply plug it in and go!  You will need to set up the players with name and birthday and that is it!  We were given two games to enjoy.


And look how much they enjoyed the games!

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The LeapTV controller is perfect for lil hands and super easy to use!


We had some difficulty with sound when we first set up the console.  It sounded fuzzy, but we shut down the console and restarted and the sound was perfectly fine.

The kids really enjoyed the games.  It was nice to see the children interacting together and moving around.  The Sports game was the most popular among our group.  It is very interactive and will cause your child to get a serious workout while challenging math skills.  Children are encouraged to add and subtract.  Other skills tested include number recognition, shapes, and counting.  My 12 year old nephew described the soccer game as “Intense.”  My 5 year old son said, “this game was challenging.”  My 14 year old niece and 10 year old daughter enjoyed the movement, music, and dancing.

This is a great gaming console for all ages and really brings the family together.

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