Thank you from Joyful Noise


Thank you to Ruffles and TuTu’s for donating these beautiful, flowy tutu’s for our Christmas production, “Cookies for Christmas.”  Our dancers were so excited and looked absolutley beautiful in them.


Ruffles and Tutu’s is couture for every day play offering elegant tutu’s for your little princess.   As an enthusiast for frilly and girly things, this tutu master designs regal tutu’s with lace, ruffles, tulle, diamond, and pearls!  Easily customize your tutu to match your color of choice and desired length.  The red tutu’s pictured above are 18″;  made of soft tulle and red ribbon that easily tie into a sweet bow.   The tulle is very flowy and does not bunch up, making it the perfect tutu for twirls and beautiful ballerina leaps.

We are ever so grateful for this donation.  As a church we are on a mission to be debt free and our production ran on donations only.   With open hearts, Ruffles and Tutu’s designed six stunning tutu’s for our girls.  We have been blessed!  Thank you for being an everyday angel and sharing such a gracious gift to Joyful Noise Choir!




Catch the Salsa Beat…Learn it, Love it, Live it!

Have you been itching to learn to Salsa?  With Dance Crazy you can learn not just one sexy dance, but four!  The at home DVD learning set includes four discs that will teach even the earliest beginner how to Salsa, Swing, Meringue, and Bachata.  Follow the easy to learn steps alone or with a dancing partner at your own speed.  Not only is dancing fun, but a great way to tone your body and aides in weight loss.  Dance yourself to a healthier heart with Dance Crazy Dance Lessons Starter Kit!  Purchase now on Amazon.


If four dances are too much for ya, perhaps Beginning Salsa Dance, Volume 1 is more your pace.  This dvd focuses mainly on instruction to master Salsa for the beginner.  No dancing skills needed.  Progress with every dance session.  Purchase now on Amazon.


I have been having so much learning with my children.  That is right!  Even the youngest can learn and follow the steps.  Super easy and convenient.   After a week of dancing I have noticed by muscles are getting tighter and my tummy is flatter.

Thank you Dance Crazy for the opportunity to review your instructional DVD’s in exchange for my honest opinion.

Leap into Gaming with LeapTV


It is here!!!!  This is the hottest toy item for Christmas this year!  LeapTV is a game console similar to the Wii but for lil people!  Full of educational gaming.  Your child will be excited to play and learn.  Get your kiddos off the couch and moving around with LeapTV.  My children and I were chosen to test out the new gaming system for ages 4-7 absolutely free, all that was required is an honest review.

Setting up LeapTV took minutes.  It is that easy!  Simply plug it in and go!  You will need to set up the players with name and birthday and that is it!  We were given two games to enjoy.


And look how much they enjoyed the games!

DSCN2482 DSCN2492 unnamed2 unnamed3 unnamed4 unnamed55

The LeapTV controller is perfect for lil hands and super easy to use!


We had some difficulty with sound when we first set up the console.  It sounded fuzzy, but we shut down the console and restarted and the sound was perfectly fine.

The kids really enjoyed the games.  It was nice to see the children interacting together and moving around.  The Sports game was the most popular among our group.  It is very interactive and will cause your child to get a serious workout while challenging math skills.  Children are encouraged to add and subtract.  Other skills tested include number recognition, shapes, and counting.  My 12 year old nephew described the soccer game as “Intense.”  My 5 year old son said, “this game was challenging.”  My 14 year old niece and 10 year old daughter enjoyed the movement, music, and dancing.

This is a great gaming console for all ages and really brings the family together.

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