State of the Art Vegetable Peeler

Wish you cooked like a pro, but don’t have a lot of time? Dream of whipping up healthy meals and desserts that look like works of art and taste even better? Want your family to eat healthier, but get push-back when you include too many veggies?

A good place to start is by making fruits and vegetables more fun. Plain old cooked carrots are pretty lifeless, but a fancy julienne carrot salad? Now that will interest even your pickiest eaters.
You can replace high-calorie kitchen staples with healthier alternatives, too. The Keri’s julienne blade lets you turn zucchini into low-carb noodles without a cumbersome food processor. Top with your favorite sauce, and the kids won’t even know they’re eating healthy.

Of course, there’s more to dinner than just vegetables, and this multi-purpose tool is the ideal choice when it comes to creating beautiful desserts and appetizers as well.

This is one of the best peelers I have used in the history of all of my cooking.  Perfect for vegetables and fruit!   Peels thin parts off and does not take chunks of your yummies off. I love how easy it is to peel my veggies and how much time it saves me.


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I received a free peeler in exchange for my honest opinion.

Kid friendly and yummy tummy

Round these parts we enjoy something we call Family Fun Night or FFN for short.   Our Friday FFN was extra special because we got to share it with my nephew.  I love family fun night’s because it brings us together and helps us to relax after a stressful week of work and school.   A typical family fun night in our home goes a lil something like this:

Pizza dinner, Ice cream sundaes or Root Beer floats, and a movie.  Last night we made home made pizza super easy!

All you need for kid friendly yummy tummy pizza is:

pizza dough

pizza sauce


pepperoni (toppings)

and three sets of hands (my daughter, my son, my nephew 😉 )

Happy FFN!


Do you have a special Family Fun Night?  What activities do you to bring your family together?  Comment below: