Positiviti is infectious!

Today’s post is written by my sweet guest, Juliet.  She is a one of the team members and a co creator of Positiviti. Positivi is a a positive community created for students by students that have experienced some sort of bullying on school campus or at home.  Continue to read more about Positiviti and how you can get involved!


Positiviti, the site created for students struggling in situations at school and home, has officially been launched! Our site is an open space for students in upper elementary through high school grade levels, allowing them a place to go when their options in tough situations feel limited. On the site, students can access a ‘PositivFeed’ with quotes and messages of encouragement that have been left by the Positiviti Team and fellow students. Positiviti also has a site Mailbox page, where students can send in a message to Positiviti describing their situation at our Helpbox. Not only is the Helpbox a place where students can speak out about their situation, but Positiviti will respond with a personalized message of uplift for the student about what they’re going through. Our Mailbox page also includes a Dropbox, where students can submit positive messages for us to post onto the site.

As three students who have experienced the effects of bullying, we created this site because we know how it feels not knowing what to do about your situation. We are hoping to reach anyone who simply needs a space to receive encouragement, because feeling alone is the hardest part of dealing with what you face. Positiviti’s goal is to simply be a friend accessible to any student going through any issue. The hardest thing about dealing with situations at school and home is the feeling that you can’t say anything about what you’re going through. Positiviti’s goal is to be a webspace where students feel free to message us and get a chance to express themselves, while also receiving encouragement to keep going.

Positiviti is looking to spread the word of our site for students who need encouragement, but we are also looking for students who are willing to step up and become a part of our message of hope. Students can join us by accessing our site, where they can then click to our ‘Positiviti Team’ page. By joining the Positiviti Team, students volunteer to speak with people from their school about what they’re going through if they need to talk to someone face-to-face. To join our team, all students have to do is fill out a quick form on our Positiviti Team page so we can add them to our Team List. Members of our team are also asked to spread around the message of our site, as we want this to become as widespread as possible. We call our movement the Positiviti Virus, and we want to infect as many students as we can.

Please be sure to share these links and visit these pages listed below to help us spread the word of Positiviti!

You can visit our site at: www.positiviti.weebly.com
Please like us on Facebook and share our page at: www.facebook.com/positiviti
Instagram: SimpliPositiviti
Email: positivitimail@gmail.com


Helping kids succeed

Yeehaw and good morning!!! Such a beautiful day! I would like to thank Pam P.S.
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I live a few blocks away from Central Elementary in Kissimmee. This is one
of the poorest schools in my town. Many children live in hotels or are
homeless. The poverty rate is a record high along with the crime in the
area. These children are not able to come prepared for learning, they are
trying to survive. I would like to give back and I can not do it alone. I
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For more details on how to help, please send me a private message.

Thank you!