Mom Jewelry…Flaunt it!

I just love jewelry that scream, “Hey, I’m a mom!”  There is no greater joy in life then being a mother.  I am proud to be mom to my sweet son N and mommy to my sweet daughter A.  Yes, my children are a blessing and both of them so unique that one calls me “mom” and the other calls me “mommy.”  I do prefer “mommy,”  something about “mom” that makes me sound so old.  And the funny thing is it is my five year old that calls me mom!  I guess it doesnt really matter, I am their mother and I thank the Lord every day for these amazing blessings.  And it is because I am so thankful that I will flaunt my motherhood every chance I get wearing my MOM jewelry.


This is one of my favorite Mom pieces to wear.  It goes with everything!  Dress it up or dress it down.  This dainty Mom necklace is from Skadi Jewelry in Finland.  The chain is silver plated and nickel free, so no allergies to worry about.  The jewelry artist has added three genuine Swarovski crystal’s which add to the beauty of this piece.  The heart shaped Mom charm is the perfect way to show your mom how much you love her this Mother’s Day.  And if you are buying for yourself, it is a perfect reminder of the loves that hold your heart forever.

Skadi Jewelry also features rings, earrings, and accessories for men.  Here are some of my top picks from their Etsy Shop:




Share the promise of Easter through storytime


with this adorable book by Kathleen Long Bostrom.   Easter Stories and Prayers, a Special Easter edition is four books in one!  Through story you and your child will celebrate the real meaning of Easter with this special collection.    Easter Stories and Prayers is a children’s book included within the “Little Blessings” series of books. This particular book in the series focuses on the cross and what it means, who Jesus was and why he came to earth as one of us, what is prayer and how to pray, and where and what is heaven. By including all of these subjects in one book it provides a well-rounded view of Jesus and what the Easter event means.

Majority of the pages are written in a rhyming and lyrical style that will engage your child and will develop their reading and cognitive skills.  The words are simple to read and understand for early and young readers. Sections include beautiful illustrations by Elna Kucharik that resemble Precious Moments and questions for children to contemplate during the reading.

Easter Stories and Prayers is a beautiful collection of stories that explain why the cross, who is Jesus, what is prayer, and what about heaven.   I recommend Easter Stories and Prayers to all young readers and parents of future young readers.

I have received a complimentary copy of this book for review purposes from Tyndale House in exchange for an honest review.

The Chore Chart

I can not begin to tell you how much my life has changed since The Chore Chart walked into my life.  Before The Chore Chart my life was chaotic.  The kids had to be reminded to do their chores EVERYDAY and even still they didnt do them.  And I with my OCD would do the leftover chores after the kids went to bed.  Which was ALL of them.  I was spent.  I mean, as if I already didnt have enough to do…my day begins at 5am and ends at midnight.  There is work, kids school work, chores, dinner, baths, laundry, school lunches, my school work, and everything else in between.   Im a single mom so I do everything…and I am so blessed to do so.  Don’t get me wrong.  But it is nice to have some help every now and again.  And chores teach the children responsibility.

One day I had one of those light-bulb moments!


And that is how I came up with the chore chart idea…and when I Googled chore chart I found the one!  It was like it was meant to be!  I had no idea what amazing mom victory I was about to liberate.  So I printed out the Chore Chart for both of my kids, one in blue and one in pink. Later that evening my kids and I had a family meeting to discuss the dreaded chores.  My 10 year old daughter just moaned, “Mom this is outrageous!  How can you possibly think it is okay to force me to do chores?!  I would rather watch tv and lose myself.”  My 5 year old son, just stared at me.  And that is when I pulled out my secret weapon…THE CHORE CHART!  My son said, “Awesome!  What can I do?!” and my daughter, was more interested in knowing what chores her lil brother was gonna be assigned.  We thought of some easy house jobs for my lil guy:  Pick up toys, make bed, clear his plate after meals, vacuum, and sort the laundry.  My daughter had a few too…make bed, clean the table, fold the laundry, and empty dishwasher.  They really enjoy checking off the chores day by day and are learning some responsibility in life.   And now mom has a few extra minutes at night to do what I love, write to all of you!

Here is the chore chart I used.  I do not know who originally made this.  If I did I would most certainly give credit where credit is due.  This was an awesome chart that really did change my life.

Chore-Chart-01a01 (1)Chore-Charts-01a4 (1)

New Florida Law- tighter strings on booster car seats

car seat

If you haven’t heard already, Florida has a new child car seat law that is now in effect.  It is very important to understand the new law if you are a resident of Florida or visiting the Sunshine State with a munchkin.  You may also want to keep in mind that many other states have also given their child seat laws a boost, so make sure you double check em before you travel.  Personally, I think the change is much needed to keep lil one’s safe in the car.  My son is 5, but very petite and under the old law he was not expected to be in a safety seat after the age of 3.  I have kept him in a car seat and just recently allowed him to move up to a booster seat.  Too many parents do not use car seats and they place their children in danger every time they are in a moving vehicle.  It is about time that Florida has tightened the reigns a bit.

So here are the details of the New Florida Child Car Seat Law that went in to effect January 1, 2015:

  • Children 7 years old or younger must be secured in a federally approved child restraint system.
  • Children 3 years old and younger must use a separate car-seat or the vehicle’s built-in child seat.
  • Children 4 to 7 years old and less than 4 ft 9 inches tall, must sit in either a separate car seat or a built in child seat.

Use the following car seat guidelines from the FLHSMV while driving with a child in your vehicle.

  • Birth – 1 year old and at least 20 lbs.
    • Use a rear-facing child car seat in the back seat of the car.
  • 1 year old and 20 lbs. 4 years old and 40 lbs.
    • Use a rear-facing child car seat in the back seat until they outgrow the weight and height limit of the child car seat.
    • Normally when children are over 1 year old and weigh over 20 pounds, you can switch to a forward-facing car seat in the back of the car.
  • 4 years old and 40 lbs. 8 years old or 4’9″ tall
    • Use a forward-facing child seat in the back seat until they reach the weight and height limits recommended by the manufacturer.
    • Switch to a booster seat in the back of the car.
  • 8 years old or 4’9″ tall 12 years old
    • Use a booster seat in the back seat until your child is big enough to use the car’s seat belt.
    • At 13 years old, your child can sit in the front seat of your car.

web-logoTo help Florida residents adjust to the change, AAA is offering FREE booster seats every Friday in the month of January.  You do not have to be a member of AAA to get a free booster seat, however you are required to make an appointment at a local AAA office.  You can locate an office near you by visiting the AAA South Website.

I urge you to think smart and keep your child safe and follow the new law!

It Will Be Okay- a book review

it will be ok

It Will Be Okay is the perfect book for children between the ages 4 and 8.  With adorable illustrations and a sweet story of a farmer and a little seed, children learn to trust God and that he is always with us.  What a sweet message for your youngin’ to learn and understand at an early age.  Through out the story little seed expresses over and over again his fear of leaving the comfort of the seed packet in the farmer’s shed.  Little Seed is reminded that the farmer is kind and gentle and always watching over him.  It is so easy for fear to consume us, but it is even easier to place out trust in God.  With repetition the message of the story is, “trust in God.” “God is with us.”

The first page of the book is a list of 10 scriptures to memorize and explore with your child.  These scriptures share the promise of God’s word that will conquer the fear in your child’s heart (and your own)!

This story is incredibly sweet and easy for your child to connect with the characters.  They will enjoy reading about the friendship shared between Little Seed and Little Fox.  My children ages 5 and 10 were very much engaged through the whole story and have started memorizing the bible verses.   My children feel more content and are becoming more fearless as they are reminded of God’s presence in their lives.

Lysa TerKeurst (the author) has written a beautiful story with a promising message that it is OK to be afraid, but to always remember that God is there, loving us and watching over us, and that it really will be OK.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from booklook bloggers and the review is of my own honest opinion.

Learn to type…with

Learning to type can be tricky for lil fingers and young minds.   TypeKids offers an online program that teaches children the basics of typing and also builds skills they already have.  Through interactive lessons your child will learn proper typing posture, home keys, and how to type using other keys on the keyboard.  My children are 5 and 10 and they both tried out TypeKids.  My children were not fond of the lessons.  There was a lot of repetition, which is a great way to build the skill, but it was drawn out and boring.  My five year old was very excited, when he was rewarded the coins at the end of each lesson.  These coins opened the gateway to new games.  The program does offer many benefits and seemed to help build up much needed typing skills.  However, I feel that it is a bit out dated.  The program itself is old technology and not appealing to today’s children.  It reminds of programs I used when I was  young, back in the 80’s.  All in all I think it is still a great learning tool.




If you would like to try out TypeKids, you may sign up for a free trial which includes the first three lessons.  No credit card is required for the trial period.

God’s Greatest Gift- a book review

What is God’s greatest gift?  This is the question children ponder while being entertained by the beautiful images and lyrical words of God’s Greatest Gift, by Deborah Burch.  Deborah is inspired as an author by her dreams.  Her stories begin as poems written on paper and rewritten for children to enjoy.  God’ Greatest Gift is beautifully written for children ages 2-5.  Your child will be reminded of God’s enduring love with the turn of every page.  There are beautiful gifts all around us, but the greatest gift is..well I can’t spoil the book.  You will just have to read it, to find out!  Get your copy on Amazon.


I received a complimentary copy of this book from BookCrash and the review is of my own honest opinion.

help & hope for the singe parent- a book review

It is so easy to feel grief as a single parent.  Life can be overwhelming and demanding.   It is easy for a single parent to wonder why they must go at it alone or get upset and think this is punishment for making a mistake.  There is hope and help for the single parent and Tony Evans shows us the answers from scripture in his new book titled, “help & hope for the single parent.”  God can pick up where we fall, give us strength when we are weak, provide us with an extra boost of energy when we are dragging and super exhausted. God is a father to the fatherless and will be a mother to the motherless.  Evans reminds us of God’s love and that we are never alone.  Being a single parent is a gift not a punishment.  It was refreshing to be reminded of God’s promises for me as a single mother.  I am so grateful for all that I have been blessed with and knowing God is my parenting partner is a great relief. “If you miss grown-up conversations or cuddling with someone other than your toddler this book is for you!” Moody Publishers

Embrace the role God has given you and read about his promises he has for you as a single parent in this new book by Dr. Evans.


I received a complimentary copy of this book by Moody Publishers in return for my honest review.

Get to know Jesus…a book review

Nancy I Sanders has launched her Get to Know Series in which children are given a closer look into the lives of people from Bible times. I love this series because it gives our children a way to connect and learn about well known people of the bible as people and not a character in a story. Get to know Jesus is a great book for children ages 6-10. This book introduces Jesus and his amazing works that are found in the new testament. Learn about the life of Jesus from birth to the Crucifixion. This is an easy read that captures the mind of children using color images, maps, scripture, and fun facts. Flipping through the book you will find the Did you Know sections that explain Jesus’ family tree, the different Herods of the Bible, burial traditions, and the seven Jewish feasts and a hero section that introduces the 12 disciples, John the Baptist, Moses, and other Heroes of the Bible. This is a great resource for Sunday School and home Bible studies.



I received a complimentary copy of this book from Book Look Bloggers in return for an honest review