Alternative use for Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Premium S Shaped Stainless Steel Hooks


Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Premium S shaped stainless steel hooks were created to be used in the kitchen.  Most would hang their pots and pans using the S hooks.  I live in an apartment and I do not have a very large kitchen, so this is not an option for me.  So Pro Chef Kitchen Tools challenged me to come up with an alternative way to use their hooks.  I thought about several ways…and then the light bulb went off and I realized there was one sure fire way that these babies were gonna change my life in a positive way.  I marched into my laundry room and hung the s hooks on the shelf that is hung over the washer and dryer.  So now when I do laundry and I have special items that need to hang dry I can remove them from the wash and hang them without the drippy mess and it takes up very lil space.  This is such a convienient way to utilize these S hooks.  It was time to get these babies out of the kitchen!  And they are so versatile…use them to hang art projects, shower curtains, keys, and more! Buy them on Amazon!