The Littlest Christmas Kitten- a book review

This is such an adorable book and a neat way to retell the majestic story of Jesus’ birth.  In the Littlest Christmas Kitten, a mother cat searches for her lost kitten in the stable just before Mary and Joseph arrive.  Yes!  The story is told in the mother cat’s point of view and we discover what it was like for the animals to witness the birth of the promised child.  As mother cat is frantically looking for her lost kitten, Mary and Joseph walk into the stable, and she quickly hides in a nearby manger.   There she finds her lost kitten and rests til the manger is needed for sweet baby Jesus.  The hay that is a bed for a kitten is also soft enough for the newborn king.  Sounds come to life in the stable as the animals rejoice and the angels sing.  The words and images entangle together and will grab hold of the reader’s emotions bringing life to the story as it is read.  A feline secret is shared at the end of the tale and will bring light of wonder to the littlest reader.  The Littlest Christmas Kitten will delight readers of all ages!


I received a complimentary copy of this book from BookCrash and the review is of my own honest opinion.

Boo To You! Collect your treats in style this Halloween! DIY Trick or Treat Bucket

Here is a super cute, easy, and fun Halloween craft.  All you need is a colored pail and sharpies.  You can find your pail at The Dollar Tree in the summer/beach section or the $ Spot at Target.  We went with Orange pails (like pumpkins) and black sharpies. 


I let the kids decorate their Halloween pails.  My son N made a pumpkin face and my daughter A drew a cute Halloween scene…


These are super easy and fun to make!




The Little Vinylsaur

Who said a morning cup of Joe has to be boring?!   The Little Vinylsaur is here to show you that the get up and go Joe can be super fun!  With coffee mugs and vinyl Jessica is able to create any design and pun fun creation requested.  Start your day with a chuckle and share a laugh around the office.  These coffee mugs are sure to fire up a conversation.




Perfect for any occasion and a go to gift for that person that has everything!

These mugs are sure to last with some gentle loving care…meaning hand wash with cold soapy water and set out to air dry.  Jessica got started with this adorable lil name and the hit of a single mug….”if Britney Spears can get through 2007, you can get through today.”  With just a lil sarcasm and snickery she is a driving success.
We may not share political views but we can share a laugh together and a cup of joe in one of my favorite Little Vinylsaur mugs…
haha it gets me everytime!
Here at the Cute Country Chick we proudly support Hobby Lobby, Chick-Fil-A, the right to bear arms and religious freedom!  Yeehaw and God Bless!  Now that would make a mighty fine mug!