Stay cool with AlphaShades

If you live in Florida you know how dreadful it can be to get into a car during the summer!  It is hotter than hot!!!!  The sun can also cause damage to the interior of your vehicle.   Stay cool with AlphaShades!


The AlphaShade Care Windshield Sunshade Helps You To:
1. AVOID HOT AND UNTOUCHABLE STEERING WHEEL – This Windshield Sunshade keeps your hands from getting burned on your steering wheel by absorbing the heat within the parked car.
2. PREVENT RECEIVING BURNS FORM THE CAR SEATS – It keeps any car or truck or automobile cool on the inside.
3. PROTECTS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY FROM UV RAYS – It help stabilize the heat level of vehicle’s interior by blocking the sunshine and also its hazardous radiations.
Why Choose The AlphaShades Car Windshield Sunshade?
– Built To Last

– Made from High Quality Nylon Polyester Material

– Folds Easily and Very Portable

– Hassle-free as well as easy to use

– Blocks out around 99 % of UV rays

– Designed to suit many motor vehicle windshields

– The best customer support you can ask for

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review.  I am very pleased with AlphaShades and the coverage provided.  The shade is large enough to cover my entire windshield and the material is very thick.  It blocks the sun and makes my hot hot car not so hot.  Living in Florida it is a must all year round!

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Liquid Chalkers…a product review

Liquid Chalkers are really quite easy to use!  With a perfect tip and easy to hold barrel, you can write messages anywhere and everywhere!  Use them on windows, mirrors, chalkboards, even white boards!  They are super easy to wipe off with a magic eraser.  Liquid Chalkers do not run or smear and they leave a clean written message.


I love to write messages on my car windows for graduations and holidays.  In the past I have used Window Markers and the paint smears or runs down the window and onto my paint.  This is not the case with Liquid Chalkers.  I love the finished look and easy to use applicator.  Even the tip is user friendly.  Compare the Window Marker to Liquid Chalkers.



You see that the Window Marker has a spongey round tip, where as the Liquid Chalkers have a more defined writing tip.  The spongey applicator is what creates the drippy mess.  No fun to clean up!  Get your Liquid Chalkers here!

I received a pack complimentary from Rainbow Braid in exchange for my honest opinion.