For the love of CHOCOLATE!

Hi my name is Holly and I am a chocoholic!   I must admit that I hide chocolate under my bed and must eat it the moment I wake up.  I do consider myself a chocolate connoisseur and I believe chocolate makes a girl beautiful and babies adorably silly.  I remember reading a study about 9 years ago just after my daughter was born, that suggested eating chocolate during your pregnancy will result in happier and sillier babies.  I ate chocolate quite a bit during both of  my pregnancies and I will attest that the studies are accurate.  My children are hilarious and super happy.   My sister on the other hand stayed away from chocolate during pregnancy and although her children are absolutely beautiful and super happy, they tend to be a lil more serious than my kids.  But I love them anyway!  Always will!  So…I stumbled upon a super yummy chocolate shop on Etsy called  Divine Butterfly Sweet Chocolate.  And boy is the chocolate really yummy!  The chocolate is soooo creamy, rich, and melts in your mouth.   My fave is the chocolate cake pops.  The cake pops  are soft and moist and the chocolate fudginess is divine!  I wasn’t too fond of the blueberry cake pops smothered in chocolate.  The blueberry cake was a lil dry and did not blend well with the chocolate drizzle.  Cake pops are fun and easy to eat.  Here are my two lil ones enjoying the chocolate cake pops…

choco4 choco5

Divine Butterfly Sweet Chocolate shop offers chocolate candies for all occasions and holidays.  They can even do custom orders!  Here are some spoooky skulls created just for Halloween!


And here are some of my top picks from the shop:




Christie’s Cake Pops a yummy tummy experience!

There is a new food craze that is sweeping the state of Florida!   From Christie’s kitchen comes these adorable, handmade cake pops. She can make just about any character or design to match any party theme.  Christie is a dear friend of mine from high school so when she asked me to try out her cake pops I couldn’t resist.  I mean it is yummy, yummy super scrumptious cake.  So, I called my panel of taste testers ranging in ages of 4 to 67 to help me with this super hard job of tasting some super cute and super sweet cake pops.  Christie can do chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet cake.  We tried all  three and the chocolate was a hit among all ages and the youngins really liked the red velvet.  Cake pops adds a 3d approach to your party and adds a special touch that everyone will remember.
My top picks will rock your party!
Dont forget you can order cake pops for the holidays, school events, and more!
To see more of her designs visit Christie’s Cake Pops online store and place an order today for your next party!