Lil Ms Sophia

Meet Lil Ms Sophia greetings and invites.  Shantel Turner-Collins is the owner and artist behind Lil Ms Sophia and combines bling and greetings and takes them to a whole new level.  Her cards are custom made with beautiful paper and embellishments.  When you give a card from Lil Ms Sophia you are giving the gift of beauty and love.

IMG_4251 IMG_4252

Deliver your greeting loud and with style. Make your recipient’s special day be wowed with a card that is more than simple.   Lil Ms Sophia is greeting cards, invites, treat bags, and more!

Enter to win  10 custom tags with small craft bags filled with goodies from Lil Ms Sophia in my First Annual Multivendor Giveaway.

Frazzeled to Dazzeled

Is this a common problem in your kitchen??? Do you feel overwhelmed?  Your sponge just not up to the job?  Can’t get your dishes sparkly clean?  Try Jen’s Tangeled Threads!  She has a beautiful set of scrubbers and dishcloths that will wash and dry your dishes in no time.  They cut your wash time in half!

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