Between Heaven and Earth

Since the release of “Heaven is for Real,” by Todd Burpo, there has been a tremendous drive in literature about  Heaven.  Burpo shared an amazing story of how his son had a vision of Heaven and came back to earth to tell about it.   The author of  Between Heaven and Earth has a much different story to tell.  Steve Berger and his wife lost their son on his 19th birthday in a very tragic,  one car accident.  His son went home to Heaven and there he stayed.   This tragedy tugged at the fragile hearts of the Berger’s.   This  heart wrenching tragedy led to one of Berger’s greatest enlightenment’s about an amazing wonder called Heaven.   This tragic event worked in the lives of the Berger’s and they began to feel the omniscient presence of God.  It was now that Berger finally understand the depth of his sermons he preached over the years about our forever home in Heaven.   It wasn’t until Steve’s son was called home by the Lord that he felt the peace and comfort that this promising place offers.  It is one thing to be able to talk about heaven, but to live heaven while on earth is a miraculous story.

Berger tackles the accusations of “heavenly minded but of no earthly good” with a passionate call for faith and hope in the midst of fear and despair.  Focusing on the hope and inspiration from Paul’s letter to the Philippians, Berger invites his readers to engage in his thoughts and visions about heaven, drawing inspiration on God’s grace and healing power that lies between Heaven and earth.

Berger takes the reader through the emotional journeys of Apostle Paul as he confesses what it truly means to live in Christ and to die and gain.  He digs deep into the lessons learned by Abraham as he stayed focused on the future that was promised by God.

We are reminded through his writing that Heaven is a place in which there is no pain, it is a place harvested with joy and love that is given to us by God.  Heaven is real and it is a beautiful place.

“Between heaven and earth” is a glimpse of a personal journey that Berger and his wife never thought they would have to take.  It is something that I can relate to, as I lost a very close family member a few years ago in a very tragic accident with a fire engine responding to an emergency call.  This book offers healing and comfort in the power of God’s word and his promise of Heaven.


I received a complimentary copy of Between Heaven and Earth by Bethany House Publishing in exchange for my honet

Just 18 Summers

Just 18 Summers
By Michelle Cox and Rene Gutteridge
Today we celebrated my daughter’s 10th birthday.  Wow how time flies!  It seems like only yesterday I was holding her in my arms and changing her diapers.  In 8 more years she will be off to college and starting the next chapter in her life.  It really got me to thinking.
Have you ever had a moment when you stopped and thought where has the time gone?  Just 18 Summers really puts things into perspective.    We have 18 short summers to make a real impact on our children and to create lasting memories that our children can build on.  That is the message that Cox delivers in this novel.  The story begins after a tragic accident and the loss of Butch Borrowing’s wife.  Four families are woken up to realize time together is fleeting, much like I have.  Each family is in a different stage of life.  Butch is facing being a single father, The O’Reillys are just starting out and expecting their first baby, and the Anderson’s are approaching the empty nest.
With just 18 summers, how will you make a difference?  This novel has gotten my head spinning.  As a single parent like Butch it can be hard to balance life out.  I want to have that carefree family, but I also have to keep order and work to pay the bills.  It is easy to lose focus.  The focus being God and family.  Make this time about love, laughter, and growth.
I received a complimentary copy of Just 18 Summers from Tyndale Publishing.