Storybook Pumpkins

Check out the storybook pumpkins my amazing kiddos created this year!  This is such a super fun idea and best of all very lil to no mess!  We use fake pumpkins that can be purchased at your local craft store so we can keep them for decoration the following year.


Maleficent Pumpkin:

Natural colored pumpkin

Paint: green, purple, black, red, pink, and yellow

Black pipe cleaners for horns

E6000 for gluing horns to pumpkin

Black felt for collar


Bad Kitty Pumpkin:

Black pumpkin

Yellow wiggly eyes

Black pipe cleaner for tail

E6000 for gluing tail and felt pieces to pumpkin

Felt: pink, black, and red for facial features

Black sharpie for mouth lines

I would love to see your Storybook Pumpkin creation, please share below or post on social media using #spookilypumpkin and #thecutecountrychick

Happy Halloween ya’ll!

God Bless Our Fall- A book review

blessourfallThis adorable board book is written by Hannah C. Hall and illustrated by Steve Whitlow.  Hall uses rhythmic play on words to remind little readers to give thanks to the Lord for all he blesses us with.

The trees are dressed in gold and red. Their colors seem to call, “God decorates what he creates!” We say,  God bless our fall!”  (Hall, 2015)

The adorable characters that are brought to life through Whitlow’s delicate art work share how the season changes from summer to fall.  From the changing of the leaves, the chill in the air, pumpkins, cozy fires, and hayrides we are introduced to the new season.  In my family Autumn is full of traditions and family togetherness and like the fox family (in the book) we enjoy cuddling up and staying cozy close.

Purchase your copy HERE and enjoy reading this with your child over and over again.

Thank you to Tommy Nelson and Book Look Bloggers for the complimentary book copy and the opportunity to share my personal thoughts about this children’s book.

Fall Pumpkins

September 22, 2013 marks the first day of Autumn.  Autumn is the season that transitions Summer into Winter.  It is the kickoff to the holiday season.  With Autumn comes many of my favorite things: sweaters, cuddle weather, hot chocolate, horse driven carriage rides in downtown streets, changing of the leaves, pumpkins, thankfulness, and closeness.  In my home we celebrate Fall and the changing of the season’s.  We decorate our home with pumpkins, gourds, pine cone wreathes, and acorns.  Today, I want to share with you how to make a fall pumpkin out of mason jar rings.  They are quite simple to make and are very cute as Autumn gifts.  I love the quaint country look they add to a room.

First you will need to gather some materials.

1) Mason jar rings (18)

2) paint you may use orange I chose coral.  I do not recommend spray paint as it leaves a unfinished look.

3) wire

4) cinnamon stick

You will first want to  hand paint each ring and let dry.  After the rings have dried you will want to gather them and secure them with wire.  Spread out the rings in a tight round pumpkin shape.  Add a cinnamon stick in the center.  And you are done!  If you do not want to make the pumpkin and would like to purchase a Fall pumpkin for your home, I do have these available in my shop on my facebook page.  Please message me with your paypal address and quantity.