Shhhh….A secret is revealed!

Future husband please do not read this post!!! Ok now that the room is clear… I want to share a lil secret about myself….I cant cook. . Yup, I admit it, I don’t make extravagant meals and I prefer the nights when my children want chicken nuggets, fish sticks, or just a bowl of cereal. With my crazy, busy life all I want is a quick and simple meal. If I ever do cook, it is probably a holiday or Im trying to impress someone. Tonight , I thought I would get a lil creative. Sadly, it was raining and I couldn’t go to the store after work, and of course I don’t have much in the house. With the challenges I was facing I was still able to come up with something super yummy tummy for my sweet lil baby bellies and mine too! What I am about to share with you is super simple and no hidden secret. Now that the suspense is up, I’ll share…we made Meatball Subs!!!! And of course they were a hit! All this mom did was: Take the meatballs out of the freezer (I told you simple!) Simmer them on the stove in sauce Slice the sub roll open Put 4 or five meatballs on the sub roll Sprinkle cheese And eat! Say yumm! Ok, so I may never win chef of the year, but atleast my kiddos ate with a smile and all it took was 15 minutes of my busy, homework packed night. What I wore at the office today…. I just love this necklace from Apple of my Eye Jewelry. I have never been one to accessorize very well. But with these sweet necklaces by Apple of my Eye I have been able to add that extra touch to my office wear. At the office I wear a lot of black, so this will go with just about anything. Yellow is such a beautiful, vibrant, and friendly color, and hearts just scream LOVE and happiness.
Shirt: Kohls Jeans: Delias Necklace: Apple of My Eye Jewelery 

Long Distance Dating

 Long distance relationships are very hard.  They take a lot of commitment in order to work.  If one person puts forth all the effort and the other gives the least amount of their time  chances are the relationship will not survive.  On the flip side there are many things that you can do and tools that you can utilize that will bring you closer together and the miles between won’t seem so far.  About 10 months ago the love of my life moved about 4 hours away.  You wouldn’t think that 4 hours would cause so much damage to one’s relationship, but in fact it did.  I was removed from his every day life and routines and I went thru a series of emotions.  It was very difficult to deal with.  After my spintail of emotions, I started to think there has to be a way that we can work thru this and that our love will overcome this small obstacle, we had to grow closer and in the end we would end up together again and live happily ever after.

Here are some things that have helped us stay connected and I hope they help you too.

1) pinterest…yes pinterest!  If you follow me on pinterest you will find many of the things I would make and mail out to show him I was thinking of him and missed him.  I sent a card or letter every day.  Many of the cards I sent are pinned on my pinterest page and are free to print.

2) The dating diva’s have an awesome website that I borrowed many ideas from.  The share many ideas for date nights that can be planned even with all the miles in between the two of you.  My favorite are the movie date night’s.  Make a package for your lover with a movie, snacks, and even a small game wrapped around the theme of the movie.  Make sure to buy two of everything so that you can enjoy all the same things at the same time.  Set a time special for the two of you and watch the movie with phone in hand or VCHAT.

3) Vchat or Facetime.  With all the technology today, it is so easy to make special hunny time every day and talk about your day.  Facetime helps you to stay connected face to face.

4) Couple.  Couple is an app for Android and iPhone.  It is a private app that pairs you with your partner.  You may exchange messages, pictures, and video on your personal and private wall.  There is also an option that allows you to draw together.  I absolutely love this app and when my love moves back I think we will still use it.

If you have any ideas on how to stay connected please comment below.  Make a lil effort and your love will burn just as bright as when your love was here with you.

Today I wore my new Annie Basic Tee with Lace from White Plum Boutique.  The material is very light and is perfect during this transition from Summer into Autumn.

top:  White Plum Boutique 

jean: Delias

bracelet:  Apple of My Eye Jewelry