My place in the pew

My son N has finally made it to the last week of Basic Swim Class.  He will not take the next class (Survival) til next summer.  This was supposed to be his last weekend, but classes were rescheduled for next weekend.  When I received the email notification this morning, I was a lil sad and grateful at the same time.  Sad because N missed out on class today, and grateful because we get to go to Church tomorrow!!!  We havent been to Church all summer because of swim class.  N was also very happy to return to Sunday School. We all shouted “yayyyyyy” in unison. 

Now to find my place in the pew tomorrow and praise my King with my Church family. 


In other news today…my daughter A lost one of her molars and also opened her very first can of Coke today.  Tooth fairy is coming and she can open a can of soda all by herself!!!  She was totally stoked. She was all like, ‘ yay,yay I just opened the Coke all by myself!!!  Mom I opened a can of Coke by myself!”  And as for her tooth, well it wasnt quite ready to come out.  One sec she s like see mom it’s a lil loose and the next she is showing me her bloody tooth in her hand.  So we are waiting for the tooth fairy tonight.