Solar System 3-D Model

My daughter A is studying the solar system in her science class.  Her assignment is to make a model of the planets highlighting their distance from the sun.  Here is a super easy and fun way to make a 3-D model.


What you need:

Styrofoam balls in different sizes

Styrofoam ring

Washable paint


skewers/tooth picks

Gatorade lid

black box




What you do:

Have your child paint the Styrofoam balls.  It takes a few days as the paint needs to dry completely before you can handle.  Some planets have more then one color and you will need to let each layer dry before painting the next color.

The Sun- we mixed yellow and orange to get a bright, firey color

Mercury- gray…mix black and white to get the perfect color

Venus- light yellow…mix white and yellow

Earth- Paint blue, let dry, paint green for the land

Mars- Paint red, let dry, paint a few brown spot on it

Jupiter- Paint tan…we mixed yellow, white, and brown to get the perfect color.  Let it dry and paint dark brown vertical stripes.  Let the stripes dry and paint a red splotch on backside.

Saturn- Orange with a brown ring.

Uranus- Turquoise and grey paint mixed together

Neptune- Indigo–mix blue and purple together

Paint the bottom art of the box black.  When the paint dries sprinkle silver glitter on it and hairspray the glitter.  The hairspray will ensure the glitter stays put.  You will need to glue the Sun to the box.  Do not use adhesive directly on the Sun.  I learned the hard way.  E-6000 is great but it eats the foam.  My daughter’s sun ended up with a huge hole on the bottom. It was a drastic emergency at 11pm the night before the project was due.  I had to stick a Gatorade cap into the ball to cover the hole.  Using E-6000 glue the cap to the box.  Let adhesive  dry 24 hours and attach the planets in order to the sun using the skewers.

I couldn’t help but think something is missing…Poor Pluto!


Boo To You! Collect your treats in style this Halloween! DIY Trick or Treat Bucket

Here is a super cute, easy, and fun Halloween craft.  All you need is a colored pail and sharpies.  You can find your pail at The Dollar Tree in the summer/beach section or the $ Spot at Target.  We went with Orange pails (like pumpkins) and black sharpies. 


I let the kids decorate their Halloween pails.  My son N made a pumpkin face and my daughter A drew a cute Halloween scene…


These are super easy and fun to make!




Back 2 School Teacher gifts


Tomorrow is BACK TO SCHOOL for children in Central Florida.  Here are two super easy back to school teacher gifts that the kiddos can make. 

ABC Mason jar vase

You will  need:

Alphabet magnets in assorted colors

Mason Jar

Toilet paper tube




Step 1:  Glue the toilet paper tube to the inside of the mason jar.  Make sure it is centered.

Step 2;  Drop the alphabet letters inside the mason jar around the toilet paper tube. 

Step 3:  Place beautiful flowers inside the vase, place the stems inside the toilet paper tube.


ABC Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

You will need:

Mason Jar

Alphabet letter magnets

Clear hand soap

Plastic Ball lid with drilled hole

Soap pump

Step 1:  Fill 1/4 to 1/2 of mason jar with alphabet letters.

Step 2:  Fill jar with clear hand soap.

Step 3:  put lid on jar.

Step 4:  glue pup on lid.


Swim Teacher Appreciation Day gift idea

Here is a fun and easy gift idea for your favorite swim teacher!


Mason Jar
Swedish Fish
Gift tag
Have your child fill the jar with Swedish Fish.  We used a quilted Ball mason jar.  On the card write: You are FISHtastic!  Your guppy, (write child’s name.)  Or you can also write You are oFISHially the best swim teacher!  Have fun with it!  Don’t have Swedish Fish?!  No worries just use Goldfish crackers.  😉

Adorable Bunny Mason Jar craft

Here is an easy last minute Easter craft that can double as a super cute gift. It took me about 10 minutes to make these adorable Bunny Ear Mason Jars that I filled with treats for my mom and sister.



Bunny ears (I purchased mine from the dollar spot at Target)
Mason jar
E6000 (adhesive)

Step 1: Cut the bunny ears from the headband. I followed the seam of the material and was able to cut each ear out. Some have stitches that can be cut that will release the individual ear. I also removed the wire from each ear.

Step 2: Using the E6000 glue the ears to the lid of the mason jar. Allow to dry.

Step 3: You may want to glue the lid to the metal ring. I found this part to be tricky just because the ring screws on and it was hard to set it just right. The first one I did the ears didn’t line up right once it screwed on. So I skipped this step going forward.

Step 4: Fill the jar with your favorite Easter treats.


Blessed Easter my friends!

Candy Cane yummy tummy fun.

Do you still have Candy Cane’s lying around the house?  Try this super easy, kid friendly food craft with the kids.




Use a toaster oven and set to 250, soften chocolate and spread using back of spoon, add sprinkles, and let cool for 30 minutes to an hour before wrapping individually.  My first batch didn’t come out very well because I had the oven set to 450 and the candy cane started to melt.  My last two batches I set oven to 250 degrees Fahrenheit and it worked great.  The chocolate softened within minutes.

Mason Jar Pin Cushion

Love to sew? Then you may need a pin cushion! Here is a unique and very simple pin cushion tutorial. It took me about 5 minutes to make. I just love easy, peasy crafts!  You will need material, pillow fluff, cardboard, and a mason jar.  I chose to use denim, but I found out that it is not the easiest material to manipulate because it is thick.


Cut the material 2 inches larger then that of the mason jar ring.  Cut a piece of cardboard in a circular shape to match the size of the mason jar ring.  Place a handful of pillow fluff in the inner center of the material and place the cardboard cut out on top of the fluff.  Gather the material over the cardboard and stuff through the hole of the mason jar ring. Glue the gathered material closed around the cardboard.  Easy peasy!  You have a pin cushion!


Easter Egg Bouquet

Looking for an easy peasy Easter craft?  Well, you found one right here!  You can make this adorably cute Easter centerpiece using plastic Easter eggs.  You know you have about a gazillion stuffed in the holiday box.  So, get them out!  Put them to good use!




plastic Easter eggs

skewer sticks




Step 1:  Stick a skewer through the hole in the bottom of the plastic Easter egg.

Step 2: Cut skewer stick down to size needed base this off the size of the jar.

Step 3: Place skewered eggs in jar and arrange like a pretty bouquet.

Step 4:  Admire your beautiful creation and display for all to see.

Step 5:  Make one for a friend and start all over again repeating steps 1-3

New Year New Memories

With 2013 behind us and 2014 turning the gears to awesomeness one begins to create New Year Memories. We are only 5 days into 2014 and I can already tell this year is going to be one to remember! So how do we preserve these memories so that we never lose em? I know! Make a memory jar! This is such an easy craft that you can do with your kids. It literally takes minutes to make your 2014 Memory Jar.

Take a glass jar (Ball Mason Jar or a upcycled pasta sauce jar)
Spray the inside with spray adhesive
Pour white glitter inside the jar
Seal the jar with lid
Shake the jar

The glitter leaves a beautiful snowflake, fairy pixie dust look. It is pretty and oh so magical! A perfect place to store your 2014 memories. Fill your jar with those special moments that you want to hold on to for a lifetime! On New Years Eve you can reflect back and remember how awesome 2014 was and forever will be!




Santa Touches

Ok so the kids have finally gone to bed and by now they have sugar plums dancing in their heads. Time for Santa to get to work! After Santa has all the presents gathered round the tree, he think’s of ways to prove he was there. Leaving behind half eaten cookies is a nice touch…but doesn’t the jolly ol guy come from the North pole where it is cold and snowy??? Perhaps he was to leave behind some snowy foot prints!!! The kids are so amazed when they wake up and see Santa’s snowy shoe prints near the tree. Add some white glitter to make the prints even more magical! Give the children something to talk about and a lil proof that Chris Kringle is real!

snata feet