Disney’s Cinderella- a Timeless Classic

Cinderella is a timeless tale that has been retold over and over again.  In the newest live action version by Disney Pictures the magic remains the same.  Although, you will find some differences in the new version.  This film is rated PG and is the perfect family night movie.  There is enough magic to delight even the smallest of movie goers.  My son, whom is 5 enjoyed the movie, just as much as my daughter, whom is 10.


The story begins when Ella is just a young girl living in a beautiful country home with her kind and loving parents. She has a happy and wonderful childhood. One day, her mother gets very sick and dies. This leaves Ella and her father alone. They are all right for a few years, until her father gets lonely and decides to marry a woman (Cate Blanchett) with two daughters. After they get married, Ella’s father goes to travel for a few months. Her new stepmother begins to treat Ella badly. She moves Ella to the attic and makes her do all of the household chores. Ella soon gets news that her father has died on his journey. Her stepmother now treats her as a maid, instead of a family member. One day while riding a horse in the woods, Ella meets the prince (Richard Madden) and they get along right away. Shortly after, she hears that there will be a royal ball and everyone is invited to attend. Her stepmother forbids her, but someone steps in to help her just in time.

Does she attend the ball? Does she see the prince again? Who steps in to help her?
I’m sure you know the answer to all of these questions, but I have to keep the suspense up somehow.
I give this movie two thumbs up! The cinematography is absolutely beautiful and every detail is accounted for.  The most magical part is when Cinderella is being transformed from rags to a beautiful gown,  It was odd to me that Bruno was eliminated from the movie and the songs that I learned to love when I was child were also omitted.  Some of the original songs played during the ending credits.  All in all the movie is beautiful and remains a true classic.  This is a must see!