“Ugly” Christmas Sweater- DIY


Have you noticed a new Christmas fashion emerging in retail stores?  The Ugly Christmas Sweater is a new trend that can end up costing you a pretty penny.  My daughter found one online for $75!   I am going  to show you how you can make one for almost nothing by using what you already own.  Not only will it be unique and in a class of it’s own, but you will have a blast making it!


Old sweater or a long sleeve shirt (take it from the closet)

Christmas odds and ends…garland, stockings, ornaments, candy canes, etc…(found em in our Christmas decor totes)

Hot glue gun

E 6000


What we did:

Jammed out to our favorite Christmas carols and giggled as we 3 dimensionally designed our sweater.  Our sweater is actually a long sleeve shirt with sweater like arms.  It has a pink cheerleader image on the front, which was easily covered with our Christmas Trim.  Using hot glue and E 6000 we secured the stocking, fake snow, and ornaments in place.

My daughter designed her “Ugly” Christmas Sweater for a contest at school.  She was feeling very confident and very proud of her creation.


Please share your “Ugly” Christmas Sweater pics


Storybook Pumpkins

Check out the storybook pumpkins my amazing kiddos created this year!  This is such a super fun idea and best of all very lil to no mess!  We use fake pumpkins that can be purchased at your local craft store so we can keep them for decoration the following year.


Maleficent Pumpkin:

Natural colored pumpkin

Paint: green, purple, black, red, pink, and yellow

Black pipe cleaners for horns

E6000 for gluing horns to pumpkin

Black felt for collar


Bad Kitty Pumpkin:

Black pumpkin

Yellow wiggly eyes

Black pipe cleaner for tail

E6000 for gluing tail and felt pieces to pumpkin

Felt: pink, black, and red for facial features

Black sharpie for mouth lines

I would love to see your Storybook Pumpkin creation, please share below or post on social media using #spookilypumpkin and #thecutecountrychick

Happy Halloween ya’ll!

Bring Your Bible to School Day- October 8th! reblogged from Focus on the Family

Reblogged from Focus on the Family.  Not my original work.  Sharing Bring Your Bible to School Day.

The Bible Should Be Celebrated—Not Banned!
Focus on the Family. Focus on the Family.
Students Shouldn’t Have to Hide Their Faith

A teacher “humiliates a fifth grader for reading the Bible during free reading time.”

“A student is fighting for students’ rights after a public high school banned them from praying, singing Christian songs, and discussing religious topics during their free time.”

“One couple says their daughter was banned from reading the Bible at school. … The alleged Bible ban isn’t sitting too well with parents.”

Ready to Wed
Do you know students with a heart for God’s Word? Then they’ll love Bring Your Bible to School Day, a free-speech event for students on Oct. 8sponsored by Focus on the Family.
Download your free, get-started guide today!
That’s just a small sampling from television reports we’ve seen within the last year about students being censored or punished for their faith. Do you agree with us that students shouldn’t be forced to hide their Biblical beliefs when they walk in the school door?

The fact is, they do have the religious-freedom right to bring their Bible to school and read it during free time.

But the good news is, you can be a part of empowering and encouraging Christian students:

Let them know about Bring Your Bible to School Day™ on Oct. 8!

Last year, an estimated 8,000 students participated in every state in the nation. This year at least three times that many are expected to participate!

Will you be a part of making this a nationwide movement?

On this special day, students—from kindergarten to college—will celebrate religious freedom and share God’s hope with their friends. Help spread the word by taking three easy steps:

  1. Sign up; then share this link with other students and their families:FocusOnTheFamily.com/BringYourBible. Let them know that we’ve created Elementary, Teen and Pastor/Parent Editions of the downloadable guides.
  2. Share sample announcements with church leaders so they can let the youth in their congregation know about it.
  3. Join the conversation! Like us on Facebook® and follow us on Twitter®; VisitBringYourBible.org.

Thank you for your heart for empowering Christian youth across the nation and for working with us to protect religious freedoms for future generations.


Free Your Cookie of the Bad Stuff with Among Friends Baking Mixes

Among Friends Baking Mixes were created by two friends, Suzie Miller and Lizann Anderson in an effort to design a mouthwatering cookie that wasn’t packed full of harmful ingredients.  The baking mixes are handcrafted using gluten free whole grain oat flour, baking soda, sea salt, and other all natural ingredients.  These sweet gals provided me with a complimentary sample of Phil’ em up Chocolate Cranberry cookie mix to taste test at my most recent house party.  I was surprised at how easy it was to prepare and my guests (including the kids)  absolutely loved the taste.

Among Friends Baking Mixes make baking in the kitchen easy peasy!  I just love the easy to tear package and all you need are three added ingredients!


Add one egg, 1 tsp Vanilla, 4 Tbsp Soft butter.  We substituted coconut oil for the butter.


Mix all the ingredients together.


Make lil balls  (1 inch) and place 2 fingers (2 inches) apart on cookie sheet.


So easy to prepare, even the lil fingers can help!


Preheat oven to 350.  Bake in oven for 7-8 minutes


And you will have yummy yummy yummy cookies!


I would have to say that these gals have mastered the cookie!  Among Friends Baking Mixes are amazingly yummy!  Made with all natural and gluten free ingredients.  You will agree they are super easy to prepare and yummy to the tummy! I can not wait to bake more!  If you are in the Kissimmee area you can find Among Friends Baking Mixes at Publix Supermarkets.  If you are not in Kissimmee, FL and want to know where you can get these cookie mixes you can visit the Among Friends website and use the store locator.



The FuzziBunz® story began in 1999 when a young mother’s pediatrician insisted that chemical-laden disposable diapers caused her son’s constant diaper rash.
Disappointed with her search for a reusable diaper system that would fit into her busy life as a new mom. Old-fashioned cloth diapers were hard to use and a mess to launder since the product had not been changed in decades.

Her desperate journey to ease her son’s diaper rash led her to invent the original FuzziBunz® cloth diapers in 1999.  Little did she realize at the time that her cloth reusable baby diapers would be an invention that was the catalyst that would put the entire modern cloth diapering industry in motion.  ​

Now that we are smack dab in the middle of Spring, it’s time for something new, something fresh and something exciting!  FuzziBunz is offering twelve new colors and two new prints!  Enter our giveaway and receive TWO NEW Diapers from the FuzziBunz Spring Fling Collection.  Can’t stand the suspense of knowing if you’ve won?  No worries! Purchase through May to receive the special advertised 40% off discount!   Don’t let these limited edition diapers pass you by.


Mother’s Day Deal at Medieval Times Kissimmee


Mom is free* for all shows from Monday, May 4, through Sunday, May 10, 2015, when accompanied by one full-paid adult admission. There is also a special Mother’s Day Package that includes: Photo of “Queen Mom”, “Queen of the Castle” Cape, and Mom’s choice of champagne, mimosa or cider in a souvenir champagne glass.

Zap Cavities and Plaque

nnwith The Natural Dentist toothpaste designed for kids!

The Natural Dentist toothpaste is made of ALL NATURAL ingredients and come in two kid approved flavors: Groovy Grape and Berry Blast.  My son whom has never been a fan of toothpaste because it can often burn his mouth, or as he puts it “is to spicy,”  really likes the Groovy Grape flavor.  He has never enjoyed brushing his own teeth so much!  I am content knowing that he is using a product that is safe for his little body. No artificial sweetners

No artificial coloring

No preservatives

No SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate)

The ingredients come from God’s Green Earth…like corn, aloe vera plant, and other plants.  My 10 year old daughter was able to read the ingredients to me without any help.  Impressive!  When combined these ingredients  hold the power to rid your child’s mouth of plaque and cavities.  We give The Natural Dentist two thumbs up! Check out their website for more information on healthy teeth and gums and to locate a retail store nearest you!  Click here!

ENTER to WIN The Natural Dentist Toothpaste.

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And post below which flavor you think your child would like most!

Winner will be announced on 4/6/2015 on this post.

Blast off!

to Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex in Titusville, FL.  Where guests will have the opportunity to get up close and personnel with an Astronaut, experience a simulated shuttle launch, touch a moon rock,  and learn where America’s Space venture began and where it is headed.  Guests can also view rocket launches if scheduled.  We arrived to the KSC with added excitement as we were going to witness the Delta IV Rocket Launch.

DSCN3880Parking is $10 for cars and very close to the entrance.  There are guides that will lead you to the lot number you were assigned when you paid the fee.  We parked in lot 5 of 7 which is named for the original 7 astronauts that went to the moon.  John Glenn is the only one from the original 7 that is still alive and he will be 91 this year. Security is very important and you will be expected to go through metal detectors and a bag check before entering the visitors complex.

When we finally entered my family and I went straight back to the bus tours to view the launch pads and beautiful conservation land that the center calls home. The buses arrive every 15 minutes.  Prior to departure your group will be invited to take a photo to commemorate your visit.  You can purchase your photo’s after the tour.  Three images and a KSC portfolio is $35plus tax.

The Bus Tour


The Vehicle Assembly Building known as VABS


Launch Pad 39A


The Fryer Room in the Apollo Saturn Center


Countdown Checklist in Fryer Room










The bus tour is about an hour and a half, depending on how much time you choose to spend at the Apollo Saturn Center.  Buses arrive every ten minutes, so it is no trouble getting back to the visitors center for more fun.  If you are lucky enough to visit on a launch day you can view from the bleachers at the Apollo Saturn Center.  However, we decided to head back to the visitors complex, which is 8 miles from the launch pad for the Delta IV Rocket launch viewing and doesn’t look like we were the only ones!


The rocket launched at 2:36pm taking a new GPS satellite into space.


It was neat to hear the live radio broadcasts from ULA and the final clearance for the launch was given by main control.  The crowd was excited with so much anticipation.  And all together we counted down 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2, blastoff!



Not a bad view for being 8 miles away from the launch pad.  Back home (Kissimmee) I was told it was too cloudy to see the rocket in the sky. We were very lucky to attend and experience a live launch at the KSC.  There was so much excitement

Afterwards there was still so  much to discover at the visitors complex.  We enjoyed an IMAX movie, learned about the MARS expedition, experienced the launch of the shuttle Atlantis, and walked through the rocket garden.











There is so much to explore at the KSC Visitors Complex and many unique experiences just waiting for you!  Discover the wanders of space at the Kennedy Space Center.  Get your tickets here!

Thank you to Kennedy Space Center for the complimentary tickets.  My children and I had an amazing experience and we can not wait to go back! This honest review has been written of my own experience at KSC.