Staying balanced with LavHa Essential Oil Diffusing Jewelry

lavha logoLavHa was established in 2013 when Jessica and Nancy started collaborating ideas for a craft fair.  They wanted to offer an essential oil kit that came with a bracelet.  After experimenting with clay beads and having no luck, they realized the Lava Stone absorbed and diffused essential oils beautifully.  This was the start of LavHa!  As an avid EO user I was excited when I discovered LavHa and couldn’t help myself.  I fell in love with the beauty and tranquility of each piece.  After contacting Jessica directly, I was offered the opportunity to review a bracelet.  The LavHa bracelet is absolutely stunning and each piece is delicately threaded together to create a balance and promote healing.  Each bracelet comes with a complimentary vial of wild orange or lemongrass essential oil to be used on the Lava stones.  Simply rub one drop of EO on the Lava stone and it will diffuse for up to 3 days.  You may also use an essential oil from your home collection.  You can find suggestions that will match the spirit of the stone on the LavHa website.


This is Transcendence:

Rose Quartz: Heart Opener, Emotional Healer, Brings Love

Amethyst: Patience, Peace, Calm, Intuition

Clear Quartz: Amplifies Energy, Wards Off Negativity, Brings Positive Light and Clarity

Faceted Labradorite: Calms Overactive Mind, Brings Joy

Aquamarine: Calms Fears and Encourages Intellectual Growth

Aqua Quartz: Aids in Communication, Activates All Chakras and Energy Flow Channels

Lava: Balancing, Protecting, Strength and Grounding

The stones in this bracelet aim to bring the wearer more clarity in times of high energy flow. This is a great piece to encourage mental flow, intellectual growth and bring peace, calm, and love.

It is so easy to care for your LavHa bracelet.  There is no need to wash the stones or rinse with water.  This can actually damage and weaken the cord that is used to thread the stones.  It is suggested to place the bracelet in a bed of salt to clear the stones of congestion and debris.  Check out the website for more information on how to wear LavHa jewelry and learn of the many health benefits.

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How to get rid of pesky ants

Just use peppermint oil!  Not only does it work, but it will leave your home smelling great!  No need to worry about chemicals that can harm your children or pets.  To use place a few drops of peppermint essential oil on a cotton ball and wipe on baseboards and other entry points around the home.  You can leave the infused cotton ball in cabinets and food areas as needed.  It may be necessary to repeat every couple of days til the ants activity is gone.  No more marching in one by one HURRAH!

I used goPURE Naturals Peppermint Essential oil to rid my home of unwanted pests.  I received the product free in exchange for my honest review.   Get it on Amazon!