I’m Seeing Spots! It’s Rock the Dots Day 2017…


January 22nd was National Polka Dots Day!  Who better to celebrate the occasion with than the Polka Dot Queen herself, Minnie Mouse! In honor of her iconic style Disney Springs hosted a Rock the Dots party with music, buttons, and lots of dots! Special guest of honor, Minnie Mouse dressed in her best; changing her dress every 30 minutes!  Oh my Disney, does that girl know how to rock the dots!  I am honored too have attended the fantabulous event with Duffy’s Doodles and Juliet the First…oh and of course my adorable son, who rocked his Mickey dots!

“MINI” Makeovers at Sephora:

MINNIE MOUSE!!!!  I just adore this dress!

Rockin the dots with the ever so delightful Juliet the First!


The”Mouse Crew”


This was the best event of the year and I am so blessed to have shared it with the sweetest of the sweet!



15 thoughts on “I’m Seeing Spots! It’s Rock the Dots Day 2017…

  1. Love!! I’ve always been a HUGE fan of polka dots. I had no idea there was a day dedicated to them.

    Love that last photo! Everyone looks fantastic.

  2. Ohh i missed Polka Dot Day (ggrrrr)
    but no matter what fashion tries to dictates, polka dots will always be in fashion. And Minnie Mouse approves, guaranteed!


  3. Polka dot day! wow had no clue that existed. You guys wore those dots wonderfully! This looks like such a fun time. My little sister has that minnie hat with the bow and ears – It’s so fun!

  4. Polkadots make me smile. I missed this national day and didn’t hear about till just now. I m glad you were able to celebrate. It looked fun and even better with Minnie.

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