Express Yourself, Disney Style!

Planning a future visit to the happiest place on earth?   Express yourself in Disney Style with Dylan’s  Designs!  This magical tee shop on Etsy offers Expressive word tee’s for the entire family!


This husband and wife team make the most adorable Disney shirts that will surely enhance your interaction with the characters and cast members throughout Disney World. Danielle, of Dylan’s Designs sent us some of her most popular tee’s to have fun in and I swear they came with an extra pinch of pixie dust, because we had a blast wearing them around the parks!   We quickly learned the characters just love reading what the shirt says at the meet and greet’s and interacted accordingly, making our experience priceless!

To start our adventure, my son put together this cute lil ensemble:



The hat did not come signed.  Donald signed it when we found him…but that comes much later!  We set off for an adventure through Epcot to find our amigo, Donald Duck.  This was the best adventure by far!  As we journeyed through Future World and into the World Showcase we met up with several of our magical friends.

Pictured above is my son, Noah looking super cool in the Donald is my Fave tee from Dylan’s Designs “Fave” series.  The “Fave” series includes Hook, Pluto, Evil Queen, Stitch, and Rapunzel just to name a few.  More Disney Hero’s and Villains are available!  As you can see the response was well received.   Goofy and Pluto (not pictured) were not thrilled that they came at a close second to Donald.  Goofy was insistent that he was Noah’s #1!  Daisy totally agreed and got all giddy making the shape of a heart in the air.  (check out the cute video on Instagram of this interaction.)  Donald was so excited and wanted to keep Noah.  In fact, after the picture taking Donald hugged Noah and waved goodbye to me.   He would not let Noah go.  I wish I had this on video, but it all happened so fast.  Noah had “the best day ever” all because of this t-shirt!

But the fun didn’t stop there!  We had many more reasons to visit the parks and here are just a few pictures capturing our summer time magic!

Just a lil note about the quality of the shirts:  these tee’s are soft and not form fitting.  The design is printed directly onto the tee, so no worries about peeling, cracking or fading (this is a plus!)  Recommended shirt is turned inside out for washing with like colors and in cool water.

Add a lil magic to your Disney visit and fly on over to Dylan’s Designs to get your hands on these awesome tee’s and snag a few from their holiday collection!

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