My training is going very slowly…it is so hard to find the time to get out every morning.  I have great intentions, but when the alarm goes off at 4am I struggle.  I look at the clock and think to myself, “I don’t have really have to get up til 5am.  I will try again tomorrow.” The struggle is real!  The mornings I do get up, I do well and enjoy the crispness of the morning air as I run, walk, run, walk, walk, walk, run, and walk some more.  It is a process and I am sure my runner friends can remember the beginning is never easy.  Well, unless you are like my adorable kids who put the running shoes on for the first time and take off running a 5K.  I probably could have done that when I was younger, but time hasn’t been so good to me over the it is going to take a lot of baby steps for me.

As I train more, I am learning how to keep my body safe from harm and minor injuries from the stress caused by running.  In an effort to provide more support for my ankles I discovered SLS3 compression socks.  SLS3 compression socks boost bloodflow by about 34% and provides support to target areas such as achilles tendons, tibias, calves and ankles and boosts the ability to reduce common ankle and foot injuries.   Running in regular socks I can feel pressure on my ankles and my shin and a pounding sensation each time my foot hits the ground.  This sensation is not very soothing and can keep me off my feet for a few days.   SLS3 sent me a complimentary pair of socks to put to the test.  Unfortunately it has been raining every day (this is typical Florida Summer weather) and haven’t had the opportunity to go for an outdoor run, so I tested these babies out on my Elliptical.  It is amazing the difference a simple pair of socks can make.  With the compression socks I feel all kinds of support in my ankles and calves.  There is no stress on my legs or feet with the constant pounding and extra weight that I carry when I run.

SLS3 Butterfly compression socks boost bloodflow by about 34%. This increases oxygen delivery to the working muscles to enhance their performance. The circulation improvements also help the body eliminate metabolic waste products like lactic acid more easily. The combination of these effects allows you to work longer and harder, delaying the onset of fatigue.  They are recommended for running, cycling, walking, triathlon, skiing, traveling and lots of other uses.
The supportive effect and compression of SLS3 Butterfly compression socks reduce muscle vibration drastically, which leads to less soft tissue damage and less sore muscles. Your recovery time will be significantly reduced.  Not to mention they are super cute and oh so pretty!  Purchase a pair here!  Please follow the sizing chart to ensure proper size and fit!


SLS3 is hosting a GIVEAWAY to win a pair of Compression Socks or Sleeves!  Follow this link to the giveaway!

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