The Making of a Run Disney Costume

We have runners itch!!!!  And yes we are super excited about it!  Since running the Brickdash in April my children have been looking to sign up for any and every kid race available.  Of course, this means Run Disney is on our list!  In fact my kids have already signed up for the Wine and Dine and Mickey Kid Races and we are crossing our fingers to sign up for the Princess 5K in Feb 2017.  So much goes into preparing for these events and in preparation I mean making the perfect run costume!  It is important that the costume be light and easy to run in, but also be super, super fun and unique.   So after searching high and low and all around Etsy we have finally put together piece by piece the perfect ensembles.

Here are a few of our Run Disney Costumes that will be worn in future events this year:


Look Spotty perfect as Cruella De Vil (101 Dalmations:)


Tutu: Princess Danika Designs


The perfect Wine and Dine costume for girls!


To infinity and beyond as Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story:)

Shirt: Tullelips and Ties

Wings: MMEmbroideredGifts

Shorts and Socks: Old Navy


The perfect Wine and Dine costume for boys!


Be a part of the runner’s world as Ariel (the Little Mermaid:)


Run Skirt: Rock City Skirts

Crown: Mile Stones Jewelry


The Perfect Princess Run costume for girls!


Every princess need a prince!  Prince Eric (The Little Mermaid:)

Shirt:  The Children’s Place

Shorts: The Children’s Place

Red Sash Belt: Amazon


The perfect Prince Run costume for boys!

When creating your costume it is so important to think comfort.  You do  not want to wear something that is heavy, thick, and drags…you will never be able to finish the race in that!  Think light and airy.  And do not forget to make it fun!  Stick to a character or theme and let your imagination run wild, we did!

A big thank you to all my sponsors!  Tullelips and Ties, MMEMBRODIEREDGIFTS, Mile Stones Jewelry, and Rock City Skirts for providing the complimentary pieces from your Etsy shop’s for our costumes.  Please come back tomorrow as I share more about these Etsy sellers and a few of  my favorite pieces from their Etsy shops. Also…I will be sharing the perfect way to display your run medals and hosting a giveaway sponsored by…SportHooks when the fun continues!!!



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