Calling all sponsor’s for Run Disney Feature



Calling all sponsors for another super fun blog feature centered around runner essentials and the making of a Run Disney costume. If you would like to sponsor and get featured on the Cute Country Chick, please send me a private message or email me at . Run Costume apparel/accessories and running gear/essentials will be the focus of this piece. RUN DISNEY COSTUMES we are putting together include boy: Buzz Lightyear and Prince Eric. Still in need of a red sash belt for Prince Eric costume AND arm sleeves for Buzz. Tween: Merida, Ariel, and Sleeping Beauty. Still need a Merida full run costume or Merida run skirt, dri fit top to match skirt, bow and arrow prop piece for Merida costume. Still need Ariel seashell bra tshirt , and mermaid leggings. Still need full costume pieces for Sleeping beauty: skirt and top. Adult: Jessie and Ursula. Still need a Jessie run skirt, dri fit Jessie tee shirt, and a red cowgirl hat for Jessie Costume. Need Ursula run skirt, wig, and dri fit tee to match skirt. Thank you to all current sponsors @sls3usa @sporthooks @milestonessports @tullelipsandties @ahorschel @nrw5570

Hope you will join us in this fun post! All entries to be received by May 20th! We will have giveaways sponsored by @sls3usa and @sporthooks !!!
To sponsor an item for this blog feature, please send me a private message to I will be running the feature the end of May.
All costumes will be used in the upcoming Run Disney events in Orlando, Florida. Images, link backs will be in feature and followup after races. Lots of exposure for your shop! You may also sponsor a giveaway 🙂

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